Quote of the Week: Markus Willinger, “Generation Identity”

markus willinger in uniformBut what should Europeans celebrate? What reason does Europe have to look forward to the future? What good could the new year bring to our sick and weak continent?

Yet Europe celebrates, with all the flash and color of the rest of the world.

But our celebrations appear fake and tired. They resemble the birthday parties of an old man who is simple happy to have loved another year, but who has no more plans for the future.

Europe is sick. Poisoned by you and your ideologies, its vital functions are shutting down.

What future should a culture without children celebrate? What do peoples who will soon be minorities in their own countries have to celebrate?

Yet Europe celebrates. Everything lows and burns, and so we manage to imagine, at least for this one day, that our continent, perhaps, has a future after all.


Did the ancient Romans also celebrate the new year? They did indeed!

In the last days of the Empire – as no real government remained, the Germans were pouring in, and the power of the sate existed only on paper – the Romans drank their wine, toasting to the future and to their great civilisation.

The ability to close one’s eyes to unpleasant realities isn’t unique to you. But we don’t close our eyes. We recognise the problems and the threats, and do everything to ward them off. We are laying the foundations for a European future. In time, we will give Europe a new reason to celebrate the coming of a new year. If there is any cause to celebrate the new year and smile upon the future, it is us.

For we are generation identity.

▪ Markus Willinger, Generation Identity – A Declaration of War Against the 68ers (Arktos, 2013) extract from pages 60 through to 61.

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