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It’s OK to say NO to Cultural Marxism

STF Poster - Racial identity among Europeans is reprehensible and so is questioning or challenging a Caucasian’s self identification as an aboriginal Australian

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2 comments on “It’s OK to say NO to Cultural Marxism

  1. John Thomas
    25 May 2014

    Hi! Just tried to google this quote and could only find links back to this page.

    Could you please provide a source?

    • SydneyTrads
      25 May 2014

      Dear Mr. Thomas,

      Yes, that is very amusing. For our other readers, we can only repeat our earlier comments made in relation to a prior meme poster:

      What this series of meme posters intends to do is highlight the inherent contradictions of so-called “progressive” rhetoric by juxtaposing two views commonly expressed by leftist ideologues or commentators, where those views seem to be based on mutually exclusive axioms. In other words, the meme posters aim to expose the cognitive dissonance of modern liberal thought. […] Of course, not every soi disant liberal or progressive will necessarily adhere to every stereotypical criterion of leftist ideology; there is obviously an element of parody and generalisation here, but that is only to be expected given the nature of this type of political advertisement.

      In this example, we are contrasting the progressive left’s insistence that collective ethnic identification is reprehensible for Caucasians, while minorities are encouraged to foster and assert their separatist racial identity through group organisation and lobbying. There are of course countless examples of this, mostly from the United States which has become (pace Obama apologists) a hyper racial society; there is no better evidence of this than the Travyon Martin and George Zimmerman affair.

      A recent Australian example, to which this meme poster refers, was the case of journalist Andrew Bolt, who questioned the sincerity of Aboriginal Australians who appeared to be almost entirely Caucasian. The irony here is that the Caucasian can entertain a racial identity, so long as it’s not based on “Whiteness” (see this related meme poster). The image that was provided in the Bolt case is reproduced below for your information.

      White Indigenous Australians

      For more information about the Bolt Affair, we reffer our readers to Andrew Bolt, “White is the New Black” Herald Sun (15 April 2009).

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