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Quadrant Cover (January February 2015)

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Readers of SydneyTrads will be interested to note the publication of Luke Torrisi’s “Tradition and Reaction in Conservative Politics” which appears in the January-February issue of Quadrant magazine.1

Torrisi is the host of Radio Carpe Diem, Sydney’s sole paleoconservative and traditionalist radio programme broadcasting Mondays 8 to 10pm. He is also a regular columnist at SydneyTrads. Quadrant, which is Australia’s only explicitly non-Marxist journal of social, political and cultural review, has recently made its pages available to discussions that openly question the sincerity of mainstream conservatism and its ability to oppose the bi-partisan status quo.

Establishment conservatism’s modern praxis is put under the spotlight in Torrisi’s essay. He relies on the intellectual traditions of US and UK traditionalists, as well as contemporary reactionaries of the “Orthosphere”, and questions what – if anything – is worth “conserving” in a society where the forces of cultural Marxism seem overwhelmingly hegemonic. Torrisi, retired from an extensive legal career, father of three and current doctoral candidate, provides a good introduction to reactionary thought for the thinking mainstream conservative who feels – but cannot articulate – that something is not quite right with the state of our political order.

Torrisi’s thesis will be relevant to readers in the US and the UK as well as those here in Australia; it is warmly recommended to our readers.

SydneyTrads Editors


  1. Luke Torrisi, “Tradition and Reaction in Conservative Politics” Quadrant 59:1-2 No. 513 (January February 2015) pp. 26-32.
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