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Children Deserve a Mother and a Father

poster - children deserve a mother and a father

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7 comments on “Children Deserve a Mother and a Father

  1. Ramy
    26 July 2015

    This match is over, finished. I look around Sydney and see no chance of anything like this campaign succeeding. Someone, below, stated that the left’s moment of triumph has come. This made me laugh because their moment of triumph is YET to come. They are just beginning. They have a death grip on education, the academy, the media, popular culture, the public consciousness, and almost everything else. And with each passing generation the public’s political median inches closer to the left. Yet what emerges after the coming global economic collapse – of which we are now witnessing the beginning, the triggering spark – will probably make this period look like a conservative nirvana.

    • SydneyTrads
      26 July 2015

      … which is why mainstream conservatism isn’t the answer, and why mainstream conservatives are slowly becoming the co-opted enemy of Truth and normative values.

  2. Gerry T. Neal
    25 July 2015

    Less than twenty years ago “children deserve a mother and a father” would have been a statement of the obvious. Today, to make that statement requires the courage to go against the overwhelming forces of progress at the moment of their triumph. Congratulations on showing that courage.

    • SydneyTrads
      25 July 2015

      Dear Mr. Neal,

      Indeed. The problem, however, is that such slogans carry little to no effect these days. The above poster was used by the “No” campaign in Ireland’s recent and successful sodomarriage push. It had little to no impact on the electorate. This is because it is at once far too meek and does nothing to undermine the rationale or justifications for the homosexual “lifestyle” and its underlying ideology, its inconsistencies, contradictions and dangers. No putative push-back will ever make inroads in the Culture War until conservatives learn that bringing a spoon and napkin to a knife-fight is simply idiotic. Unfortunately, our political betters are content in their idiocy.

  3. Mark Citadel
    24 July 2015

    Good work guys, but I fear it may be too late. The forces of the epoch, as Evola predicted, are crashing over everybody like a tidal wave. Remember though, eventually we win.

    • SydneyTrads
      24 July 2015

      Dear Mr. Citadel,

      You are entirely correct. It seems that we’re fronting a tsunami. However, the forces of that tsunami will dissipate and the ideas of the cultural Marxist hydra are inherently unsustainable. Implosion is inevitable, eventually. At the very least, what we can do is preserve the memory of an alternative that the mainstream may wish disappeared from popular consciousness. As the Left says: “another world is possible”.

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