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What’s Good for the Goose, Should be Good for the Gander

Poster - White Students Union - Students for Western Civilisation

This week’s featured poster can be said to be part of an informal series of counter-counter-cultural “campus agitprop,” in which students who are defamed, libeled and otherwise targeted by so-called “progressive” cliques and lobbies attempt to create an organised opposition at the university level. In the past, we have noted Youngstown State University’s “Straight Pride” poster, Columbia University’s “Pretty Little Liar” and Oberlin College’s “Big Fat Liar” posters, all of which have been the subject of reports in the mainstream press.

button - diveristy is strengthToday, we note the report of the Council of European Canadians who have a piece on the controversy caused by the public display of posters disseminated by Students for Western Civilisation in the Toronto area. The poster, featured above, advertises the existence of a “White Students Union” at York University. As the Council describes in its report, the heated responses to this latest example of push-back against Cultural Marxism on campus has illustrated the violent double standards of the progressive establishment at university level.

The dominant academic narrative that students of European descent are somehow inherently guilty of politically correct crimes – by reason of their ethnicity alone – is, of course, racism of the simplest and most obvious form. However, the egalitarian conceits of the leftist campus administration (and their student radical enables from below) apply their purportedly universalist and allegedly benevolent principles in a highly selective manner. York University, as the Council reports, has organisations that cater to the ethnic identity of all groups bar one.

The African Students’ Association, United Black Students Ryerson, Caribbean Students’ Association, Afghan Students’ Association, East African Students’ Association, Indian Students’ Association, Chinese Students’ Association, Indigenous Students Association, Organization of Latin American Students, South Asian Alliance, Sri Lankan Student Alliance – all of these campus organisations are worthy of promotions and celebration under the banner of multiculturalism and diversity. The one group, however, whose cultural legacy is responsible for the very institution which now marginalises its existence qua a group, is not permitted to celebrate or publicly identify its own unique heritage, or organise independently as the others do. One might be forgiven for thinking that anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.

We are fortunate in Australia that the same culture of ethnomasochism has not reached the same extremes, as it evidently has in Canada and the United States. We wonder however, whether campus reactionary elements here would have the same courage to oppose leftist bigotry and intolerance as our cousins in the Anglosphere do.

– SydneyTrads Editors

SydneyTrads is the internet portal and communication page of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum: an association of young professionals who form part of the Australian independent right (also known as “dissident right” or “outer right”).

6 comments on “What’s Good for the Goose, Should be Good for the Gander

  1. Charles MacKenzie
    1 December 2015

    This is hilarious, and typical of modern academia: Professor Greg Downey from the Macquarie University’s Faculty of Arts tries to take on the Macquarie University White Student Union. He demands academic sources that substantiate the Union’s claims, gets them, and then tries to wriggle out of it by dismissing the very science based research he himself demanded.

    But if this is all so beneath him, why the need to contact and challenge the Union in the first place? Me thinks that these ethnomasochists are beginning to get worried that their propagandised anti-White browbeating is wearing off. Screenshot attached:

  2. tribal creative
    28 November 2015

    There are four new groups in Australia: UNSW White Student Union

    University of Queensland White Student Union

    University of Southern Queensland – White Student Union

    University of Western Sydney White Students Union

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