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Guest Video: “The Transgender: Normalizing Mental Illness”

This Saturday’s Guest Video is provided by an individual known on YouTube as the “Black Pigeon”. This presentation, titled “The Transgender: Normalizing Mental Illness” discusses the contradictions and obvious self-delusions of those promoting transsexualism and gender ideology:

And if you still think that people are transphobic for not being comfortable with these procedures or are so firm in your progressive credentials to even attempt to reconsider your ideology, then it might not be that you’re a champion of human rights, but a blind automaton lacking empathy and heart, and choosing ideology over reality. How is handing an alcoholic a bottle of gin humane? How is handing a drug addict an eight-ball of cocaine humane? How is giving these people expensive surgeries and hormones that further corrupt their already troubled minds humane? Real treatment is possible, but it involves treating the problem, not agreeing with the mental patient, and everyone pretending that the voices are real.

See the full video, below:

SydneyTrads is the web page of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum: an association of young professionals who form part of the Australian independent right (also known as “non-aligned right”).

2 comments on “Guest Video: “The Transgender: Normalizing Mental Illness”

  1. blackdog554
    12 April 2016

    Black Pigeon Speaks has produced some superb videos, covering many crucial topics, and all are posted on YouTube. I recommend checking all of them out.

  2. Dave
    9 April 2016

    Black Pigeon gives L, G, and B a pass to focus on the T, but let’s not forget that homosexualism itself is also a mental illness (or a symptom of one), while “homophobia” is totally natural.

    Just as our instinctual revulsion at the sight of putrid meat must be powerful enough to override hunger, our disgust at the thought of dudes engaging in fellatio must rouse the same kind of disgust, else we’d all soon enough become extinct.

    Progressives rave over Caitlyn as a “final victory for human rights”, but every time they score such a victory, they go looking for another mental illness to normalize, and another healthy instinct to pathologize with a “-phobia” suffix.

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