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G. K Chesterton on Matriarchy and the Failure of Manhood

meme quote - g k chesterton - matriarchy is simply moral anarchy

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One comment on “G. K Chesterton on Matriarchy and the Failure of Manhood

  1. nickbsteves
    5 May 2016

    Sadly typical of Chesterton to romantically overlook the more unmentionable features of matriarchy. To be sure, the fathers are irresponsible. And, not tacitly, so are the mothers. Matriarchy is what you get, and only what you get, when you put women in charge of their own reproduction. Certainly fathers are not blameless in their failure to exercise control, but to ignore the bad decisions of women that result from this is to ignore the most essential characteristic of matriarchy. Matriarchies exist as a lesson to patriarchal civilizations: Give women autonomy over their “reproductive decisions” and this is what will always happen.

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