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Guest Video: “Western Values Heading Towards Oblivion”

This Saturday’s Guest Video is provided by the “Black Pigeon”. Titled “Western Values Heading Towards Oblivion” the “Black Pigeon” starts by noting the election of London’s first Muslim Pakistani Mayor, and end by claiming that “this is the future you chose, London.” The short video presentation focuses on the redefinition of Western values according to the nihilistic whims of post-modernity, and illustrates how this has resulted in cultural implosion for societies that have adopted liberalism as an almost secular religious creed. The new motto of Western civilisation has become “anything goes.” This has impacted on everything from the degeneration of relations between men and women, the social acceptance and even celebration of mental disorders such as gender dysmorphia, and a politically correct ideology which allows the West’s religious traditions to be vilified in popular culture while punishing conduct that is deemed offensive to alien creeds. By effectively destroying the traditional social units of Western civilisation, the civilisation itself become vacuous and defenceless. “If anyone can be British, then being British really is meaningless, and it follows that the ever changing values of a land that is meaningless are also pretty meaningless.” What then is the moral case – put before immigrant groups – for assimilation? The Black Pigeon states:

What do you call a city when the host culture and her people are fleeing the vibrant enrichment that their politicians are telling them is so desirable? It’s a city that’s an example of the never ending tie of people coming from cultures that do not express Western universalism, and in a short time the remnants of shallow rooted values and the people that believe in them will be washed away by unrelenting demographic change. In the end it’s ridiculous how so many people assume that the society and values that we hold today are going to continue on in the same way indefinitely when we’re essentially swapping out one dominant culture for a totally alien one. Muslims and non-Western people in general don’t have the same exaggerated post-Christian concern for rights, no matter how seemingly degenerate, that characterises our culture today. White Social Justice Warriors are utterly delusional about the effects that mass immigration is going to have on their planned Utpoia.

The whole video, thirteen and a half minutes, can be watched below:

SydneyTrads is the web page of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum: an association of young professionals who form part of the Australian independent right (also known as “non-aligned right”).

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