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Guest Video: “Woman Accusing a Man of ‘Mansplaining’ Gets as Good as She Gives”

Mitch Fifield

Senator Mitch Fifield (Vic. Australia) Minister for Communications

This Saturday’s Guest Video is provided courtesy of the YouTube account of “Greg Graham”, and shows Australian Senator Mitch Fifield demolishing Labor Senator Katy Gallagher who accused Fifield of “mansplaining” during a Senate Committee proceeding. The video was brought to our attention by the pseudonymous blogger and author “Rollo Tomassi” of The Rational Male, who states that:

When a man needs to explain the importance of content to a woman who is only qualified for her station by virtue of her being female that exchange necessarily is uncomfortable for women. Solution: complain about the delivery of the content and silence the men who would deliver it.

The hypocrisy of feminism needs no further commentary other than to remind our readers that the Cultural Marxist fringe is well aware of the fact that their egalitarian pretensions are not, and were never supposed to be, applied to all or applied equally. Terms like “mansplain” is a gag-phrase or kill-label designed to shut down debate or belittle and pathologise an opponent, and this is always used by the so-called progressive left against any form of declared “reaction”, in this case, aimed uniquely at men. On might say that:

“mansplaining” becomes necessary when communicating with someone crippled by “womanthink”

The only antidotum to rhetorical thought-control is to relentlessly mock it, show it for what it is, and never back down. We are pround of the fact that it has been an Australian politician who has illustrated how to deal with the cry-bullies and thuggery of “professional women” who have, until now, met with little to no resistance from the self declared anti-Labor side of politics. The following video is a lesson for all:

SydneyTrads is the web page of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum: an association of young professionals who form part of the Australian independent right (also known as “non-aligned right”).

2 comments on “Guest Video: “Woman Accusing a Man of ‘Mansplaining’ Gets as Good as She Gives”

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