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Guest Video: “Muhammad Ali was a RACIST – and that’s OK”

Muhammad Ali and Hulk Hogan in ringThis Saturday’s Guest Video is provided by the “Black Pigeon”, titled “Muhammad Ali was a RACIST – and that’s OK”. Muhammad Ali did on 3 June this year. In this Saturday’s video, the Black Pigeon reminds us of a few choice words that the Nation of Islam member and Black Nationalist stated on public television during the peak of his career:

Any White woman in this audience today, any White man in the audience today, in their right minds, don’t want little black boys and little black, white black girls coming ‘round your homes, schools and churches looking to marry your sons and daughters and in return introducing your grandchildren as little half brown kinky haired negro children […] we’re much different, we’re made different […] not society, God made us different, listen, bluebirds fly with blue birds, red birds want to be with red birds, listen, tell me when I’m wrong, pigeon want to be with pigeons […] they don’t have intelligence but yet they stay together, we should have more intelligence then them, right? […] it aint sad that I want my child to look like me, every intelligent person wants his child to look like him. I’m ‘sad’ because I want to blot out my race and lose my beautiful identity? Chinese love Chinese. They love their little slanted eye, pretty brown skin babies. Who want to spoil up yourself and kill your race? […] If I’m gona die, I’ll die here right now fighting you. You my enemy. My enemy is the White people. […] All I can tell them is to join onto their own kind, accept their own kind […] that’s why I like Governor Wallace, he tells the truth […] We’re not seeking to lose our identity in blood mixing and our beautiful black African history.

According to Francesca Ramsey – who is also quoted in the Black Pigeon’s video – the above “is not a thing” (whatever that means) because, apparently, the entire institutional framework of modern Western society is geared towards so-called White Supremacy. The obvious hypocrisy of Ali’s secular canonisation is illustrated by the very different treatment of Hulk Hogan, expressed an opinion not dissimilar to Ali’s. Yet Hogan felt the full brunt of the career destroying crusade of political correctness. “But reality doesn’t really matter when speaking on this topic” states the Black Pigeon, granting that under Ramsey’s model, one can only be racists if one is White. “The labels that others want to pin on you only stick if you allow them to [it] only has power over you if you let it, the people slinging the mud know this” he concludes. The solution to attempts at PC slander? Simply “shrug” and go about your way. Watch the full video here:

SydneyTrads is the web page of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum: an association of young professionals who form part of the Australian independent right (also known as “non-aligned right”).

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