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Guest Video: “Research Shows ONLY MEN Pay Taxes”

Today’s Guest Video is from The Black Pigeon Speaks, titled “Research Shows Only Men Pay Taxes”. The so-called “Pay Gap” between the sexes, which purports that men are paid more in employment simply by reason of their sex, is routinely paraded through the public square by the progressive left as “evidence” of endemic or systematic “sexism”. What is less well known is that men apparently pay more taxes than women, and in some jurisdictions, subsidize women’s choices in the economic realm. Who is drawing the public’s attention to this issue? It’s not an unreasonable question. The fact that the question of who pays more or less is debated within such narrow fiscal terms of reference is obviously an intentional ploy to legitimize post-Marxist leftist activism. Readers may be familiar with the recent New Zealand study by Omar Aziz, Norman Gemmell and Athene Laws¹ which illustrated that if any gender is financially disenfranchised in today’s modern economy, it certainly isn’t the female. A summary and discussion has been provided by Nicholas Kilsdonk-Gervais² the title of which reads simply: “Research finds that as a group, only men pay tax.” Over the last several weeks, the Australian public has been insulted by a campaign by one of our largest banks, ANZ, that promotes the “Pay Gap” lie.³ This does nothing but further amplify the culture of misandry4 in the news and entertainment media. The Black Pigeon’s latest video addresses these issues as well as their sociological and political context. He concludes, stating that:

Basically, women, never, cumulatively, pay more taxes than they receive in terms of government expenditure. In fact, at the end of her life, the average woman consumes $150,000 more government expenditure than she pays in taxes. Men on the other hand cumulatively pay more taxes than they receive for forty years of their lives […] Overall he research suggests that male taxpayers are the only ones, ever, to have positive contribution in taxes […] So ladies, do you rally want ‘smash’ the supposed patriarchy that’s ‘suppressing’ you, while at the same time, supporting you?

  1. Omar Aziz, Norman Gemmell and Athene Laws, “The Distribution of Income and Fiscal Incidence by Age and Gender: Some Evidence from New ZealandVictoria University of Wellington Working Paper in Public Finance No. 10/2013 (30 April 2013).
  2. Nicholas Kilsdonk-Gervais, “Research finds that as a group, only men pay tax“, Nicholas Kilsdonk-Gervais (blog) (10 August 2016) <nkilsdonkgervais.wordpress.com> (accessed 8 October 2016).
  3. Mark Richardson, “ANZ goes SJWOzConservative (blog) (24 September 2016) <ozconservative.blogspot.com.au> (accessed 8 October 2016).
  4. Why does this word continue to be omitted from popular spell-checkers?
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