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Guest Video, “The End Game: Why the West is Lost”

Today’s Guest Video is by the Black Pigeon, titled “The End Game: Why the West is Lost”. The seventeen minute presentation is a summation of a private exchange the Black Pigeon had with another pseudonymous blogger “Renegade Funk”. The Black Pigeon starts by noting that it was in the West that non-dictatorial systems of governance were pioneered, meaning that the rule of law trumped autocratic will, at least in principle. It is argued that the primacy of the rule of law usurped tribal allegiance and over time became secular, which lead to individual rights and the dethroning of religion as a governing authority over the lives of citizens in the public square. The subsequent development of liberalism lead to representative forms of governance, whose dominant ideological framework became increasingly progressive. Ultimately, the progressive hegemony’s praxis of deconstruction would turn on itself after the complete abolition of the ancien régime – which is the stage of historical evolution we presently occupy. Referring to Nicholas Wade, particularly his A Troublesome Inheritance, it is further argued that we can observe a substantial decline in civilisation determining factors such as intelligence.

In fairness, the Black Pigeon does emphasis that this process also saw the disappearance of the savagery that marked the more barbarous characteristics of Roman life and generally paved the way to the preeminence of more civil and chivalrous values. Violence too, was “outsourced to the state” after the consolidation of the kingdom and the republican nation-state. Essentially the momentum behind the process continued to the development of the welfare state after the concepts of inherent human dignity translated and morphed into atomistic hyper egalitarianism. Thus the rise of the present doctrine of corrosive liberal progressivism, and the “anti-in-group preference”. The rest of the video illustrates the concrete impact this process has had on Western civilisation: its moral norms, absurd ideas concerning gender, sex and ethnic identity, the economic order, its immigration policies, and whatever notions of collective national identity remain.

Interestingly, the Black Pigeon also provides some much needed critical commentary on the contemporary reaction to these trends, particularly among identitarians, European nationalists, and others. “What is needed is a complete paradigm shift if the West is to survive in any recognizable form” he argues, “it is hard to say how people will react when they become minorities in their own countries across the entire Western world by mid to late century if things don’t change, but the answer is simple. For the West to survive, its people have to give up universalism and understand that they do have an in-group and that group does have interests, just as all other groups do.” Watch the video here:

SydneyTrads is the web page of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum: an association of young professionals who form part of the Australian independent right (also known as “non-aligned right”).

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