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The Impact of Father Absence

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4 comments on “The Impact of Father Absence

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  3. Days of Broken Arrows
    21 June 2017

    I don’t doubt all of this is true. But I think it’s a mistake to put it down to fathers not being in the home per se. After all, the kids of WWII casualties grew up without fathers but were for the most part OK.

    Rather, I think what we see here is also the result of bad genetics. Dads who don’t stick around and the women who choose these type of men are more likely to pass on flawed intelligence and personality traits. Scientists just tied 52 genes to intelligence. If people don’t think this matters, they’re being willfully blind.

    • Jasper
      22 June 2017

      Interesting observation. But was the post war generation truly well adjusted? The 60s did not come out of nowhere.

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