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2016 Symposium – Alain de Benoist

Irreplaceable Communities Communities, whether they are ancient or recent, of an ethno-cultural, linguistic, religious, sexual nature or other, are natural dimensions of membership. No individual can exist without membership, even … Continue reading

30 April 2016 · 3 Comments

2016 Symposium – Alain de Benoist

Irremplaçables Communautés Les communautés, qu’elles soient anciennes ou récentes, de nature ethno-culturelle, linguistique, religieuse, sexuelle ou autre, sont des dimensions naturelles d’appartenance. Aucun individu ne peut exister sans appartenance, fût-ce … Continue reading

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Reactionaries Believe in: Values Beyond the Economic

“Reactionaries believe in values beyond the economic: political, spiritual, heroic, organic.” (Thomas Carlyle Club for Young Reactionaries; Radish Magazine) “Modern capitalism is just as subversive as Marxism. The materialistic view … Continue reading

16 January 2015 · 2 Comments

The Sacred Grove: Natural Space and the Numinous

I A pervasive interest in the association of natural space with the sacred is a noticeable tendency in the work of some important Traditionalists. Tolkien, for instance, epitomises this tendency, … Continue reading

24 December 2014 · 1 Comment

Quote of the Week: Guillaume Faye, “Archeofuturism”

“Moreover, as the philosopher Raymond Ruyer, detested by the left-bank intelligentsia, foretold in his two important works, Les nuisances idéologiques and Les cents prochains siècles, once the historical digression of … Continue reading

7 July 2014 · Leave a comment

Quote of the Week: Guillaume Faye, “Archeofuturism”

“Let us imagine a sphere, a billiard ball moving in a disorderly fashion across a surface, or moving by the (necessarily imperfect) will of a player: after a number of … Continue reading

20 February 2012 · Leave a comment

Quote of the Week: Edward Dowden, “True Conservatism – What is it?”

“And you look backward into the darkness hoping to find your Past there. It is vanished: you cannot find it, and, I tell you, you will never find it that … Continue reading

8 January 2012 · Leave a comment

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Cory Bernardi, "The Conservative Revolution" (Connor Court, 2013)

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Frank Salter, "The War on Human Nature"

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