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Quote of the Week: Theodore Dalrymple, “Our Culture, What’s Left of It”

“Even Mill came to see the limitations of his own principle as a guide for policy and to deny that all pleasures were of equal significance for human existence. It … Continue reading

18 August 2014 · Leave a comment

Won’t Someone Please Think of the Cancer?

The phrase ‘I’m only intolerant of intolerance’ seems as silly as ‘the only thing we have to fear is fear itself’. They’re both sort of catchy rhetorical phrases, but they’re … Continue reading

9 April 2014 · Leave a comment

Quote of the Week: Anthony Ludovici, “A Defence of Conservatism”

“The opposition of a great conservative like the Seventh Earl of Shaftsbury to the Reform Bills of 1832 and 1867, and the Ballot Act of 1872, was … not due … Continue reading

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Essays on the Frankfurt School, Part V: Distributism

The final essay in this series will address the question of government. And, of course, more will be left unsaid than said thereby: we’ve not spoken at all about, say, … Continue reading

19 March 2014 · 1 Comment

The Dangers of “Enlightened” Foolery

“If two consenting adults want to live together in close union and can find a consenting minister of religion to bless their union, who are we to object? The same … Continue reading

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Essays on the Frankfurt School, Part IV: Natural Rights

“I hold it to be the inalienable right of anybody to go to hell in his own way.” — Robert Frost One of the most confusing developments of the late … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week: Cory Bernardi, “The Conservative Revolution”

“The very notion of true liberty is often difficult to grasp because it tends to be measured according to subjective values that can differ widely between individuals and cultures. When … Continue reading

24 February 2014 · Leave a comment

The Demise of Being Independent

Today I had the misfortune of finding out that yet another independent book seller is on the brink of closure. It seems to me that the more money people make, … Continue reading

25 September 2013 · 1 Comment

Quote of the Week: Irving Babbitt, “Democracy and Leadership”

“Now the doctrine of enlightened self-interest is not itself superficial. It has been held by profound thinkers like Aristotle and Buddha. But the self that these thinkers have in mind … Continue reading

12 August 2013 · 1 Comment

Quote of the Week: Jesse Helms, “The Ramparts We Watched”

“So, in a very real sense, the character of government is largely an inverse reflection of the character of the people. The weaker the people, the more powerful the government.” … Continue reading

15 July 2013 · Leave a comment

Quote of the Week: Theodore Dalrymple, “In Praise of Prejudice”

“Rights expand to meet the egos of those for whom freedom is nothing but unconstrained action (The only good that deserves the name, says Mill, is that of pushing our … Continue reading

15 April 2013 · 1 Comment

Quote of the Week: Arthur Bryant, “Set in a Silver Sea”

“Rome had grown out of greatness of individual character. It became a community in which individual character counted for nothing compared with an abstraction which proved, in the hour of … Continue reading

24 December 2012 · Leave a comment

Quote of the Week: Sean Gabb, Address to Conservative Future

“A Cameron Government, as I have said, seems willing to try coexistence with the Establishment. The Thatcher Government set out to fight and defeat an earlier and less confident version … Continue reading

12 November 2012 · Leave a comment

Bernardi Takes Knife for Excessive Honesty

South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi was recently forced to resign from the Opposition front bench, where he served as Parliamentary Secretary, after delivering an apparently controversial speech staunchly opposing the Marriage Amendment (No. … Continue reading

22 September 2012 · Leave a comment

Quote of the Week: Quintin Hogg, “The Case for Conservatism”

“The aim of politics, as of all else, is the good life. But the good life is something which cannot be comprehended in some phrase or formula about any political or social order, and … Continue reading

9 April 2012 · Leave a comment

Quote of the Week: Theodore Dalrymple, “In Praise of Prejudice”

“But, as the great historian Lord Acton said, ‘Ideas have a radiation and a development, an ancestry and posterity of their own, in which men play the part of godfathers … Continue reading

2 April 2012 · Leave a comment

Quote of the Week: Roger Scruton, “The Uses of Pessimism”

“I am aware that I belong to a kind, and that this kind has a place in nature. I am also aware that I depend upon others in countless ways … Continue reading

26 March 2012 · Leave a comment

Quote of the Week: Thomas Fleming, “The New Right Papers”

“The struggle for power, then, is not a bilateral conflict between ‘liberals’ like Ted Kennedy and conservatives like Ronald Reagan. It is a trilateral (pardon the expression) war going on among … Continue reading

22 January 2012 · Leave a comment

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The World is Burning (Oak & Arrow, 2013)

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