Quote of the Week: Philippe Vardun, “Generation Identity” (Forward)

Philippe VardonThey have defiled our flags, erased our frontiers, twisted the very names of things. With them, the homeland is no longer the land of one’s fathers! It turns into a nebulous idea, an abstraction, a construct. For us it represents to the most concrete things of all: our words and songs, our forests and mountains, our bell-towers and castles, our relatives’ raves and our babies’ cradles. We carry our flag within us and trace our frontiers ourselves: this is our identity! The agents of the system for killing peoples – to quote Guillaume Faye’s formidable formula – would like to break the chain of our heritage: we’re here to fix its links.

▪ Philippe Vardun, in his Forward to Markus Willinger, Generation Identity – A Declaration of War Against the 68ers (Arktos, 2013) extract from page 8.

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