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Quote of the Week: Mark Butterworth, “I Like The White World”

mark butterworths detailIs it really possible for a man to go through life, all its tedium, annoyances, conflicts, humiliating compromises, frustrations, and disappointments without the necessary relief and sustenance of beauty, goodness, truth, exaltation, communion with others in love, and the sublime joy often found in marrying, then having and raising children?

It is possible if a man is more an egoist and solipsist than one engaged in curiosity about others, concerned about their thoughts and feelings. The human is an odd swine: social and anti-social at the same time. If beaten into submissions, broken into hopelessness, he’s a depressed functionary, often cunning and depraved. Permitted free reign, he’s a selfish bully, an arrogant lout, a remorseless thief.

Most of us are in the middle bulge of the bell curve, but this age feels as though that curve is flattening and widening, and the middle cannot hold.

My father says that the only thing that holds us together is the tribe, clan and culture; that race is nothing but an extended family. The solidarity he feels in looking back through the genealogy of his ancestors is obviously that of a family feeling. And that family tree branches and extends widely so that a 1650 ancestor’s brother has produced a stranger that lives up the street from him; that they’re family if he’d only acknowledge it; and family means sticking together. An attack on one is an attack on all. We are this race, this group, these humans, this heard of people, and we will always know this in our guts until Judgment Day, perhaps.

▪ Mark Butterworth, I Like The White World (Callister Green, 2011) extract from page 129.

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3 comments on “Quote of the Week: Mark Butterworth, “I Like The White World”

  1. Gray Liddell
    12 November 2013

    Personally, IMHO, I think whites will get nowhere unless they get over the guilt creating idea we are not supposed to be racist. Forget the learned pejorative aspects of this accusation and simply agree with Broadway: “Everybody’s a little bit racist”

    • SydneyTrads
      13 November 2013

      Mr. Liddell,

      You are quite right to identify the fact that all groups which are self aware will naturally have a sense of identity which is defined not only in accordance with what unites the ingroup, but what distinguishes it from non-members (that is how your comment is understood and interpreted).

      The term “racist” has acquired such an acutely pejorative flavour that it seems impossible to discuss identity matters which go to ethnicity, especially with people who reject or eschew national particularism. That makes discussions on this issue very difficult indeed because those people who are concerned with the loss of identity, and therefore the loss of their ingroup’s self awareness (resulting in that ingroup’s cultural auto-erasure) are effectively bared from being able to argue for their existence as a distinct group.

      This however will never be remedied until ingroup members simply refuse to allow themselves to be intimidated by cultural Marxist propaganda and gag-phrases, or as you put it, the members of the ingroup must “get over the guilt”. One way they can start on this path is to recognise that the desire to exist as a group is nothing to feel guilty about.

      We turn our gaze to France and see a youth movement Génération Identitaire growing in strength. France is where the revolutionary ideology which plagues us was born. Perhaps this will be the place where it is buried too.

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