Quote of the Week: Peter Viereck, “Unadjusted Man in the Age of Overadjustment”

Even so called ‘absolute’ monarchies were in practice limited by such private groups as an independent clergy, nobility, bourgeois Third Estate, guilds of workers and those real but unwritten limits imposed by ancient traditions. Where will be the independent private bailiwicks of the future to counterbalance the modern mass state? The weakness of socialism is its failure to answer this question of the traditionalists. The question concerns all forms of the modern mass state; it concerns – not equally but almost equally – our non-socialist societies also. Liberty is allergic to too much concentrated central power, whether socialist or plutocratic.

▪ Peter Viereck, Unadjusted Man in the Age of Overadjustment (Greenwood Press, 1956; Transaction, 2004) extract from page 94.

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