Islamic Protest in Sydney, 15 September 2012

A correspondent on the scene for the Sydney Traditionalists, provided the following brief observation (and the above image) of the recent protest and affray at Sydney’s central business district:

I was approaching a café when I was blocked by a crowd of onlooker’s avoiding predominantly Middle Eastern men clashing with Police who seemed to be overwhelmed. The violent nature of those protesting quickly escalated as they attacked the Police lined up. I couldn’t believe how such violence could occur in the middle of the city, it was unbelievable.

The following are further images sent to us by other witnesses of the protest and its aftermath.

Participants in the protest. Note the jihadist paraphernalia worn by the young males.

Veiled woman taking photo of a child who is holding a sign on which was emblazoned a slogan advocating violence and murder. The placard was double sided
(see below).

The now ubiquitous message seen at rallies and protests held by radical Islamic activists across Western capitals. Sydney is no exception to this trend.

Discarded placard: “Coptics Cop This” with an image of a Coptic filmmaker superimposed onto a photo of a toilet, with accompanying text, “free entry.”

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  1. The picture in the toilet is not of a Coptic filmmaker but of the late Pope Shenouda. The insult is enormous, yet one does not see Copts rioting and inciting violence like these thugs.

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