Anti-Genocide Protest Heckled by Racist Whites at Sydney’s Town Hall

It was a sunny Spring day in Sydney – with the train system malfunctioning, traffic choking the weekend roads and new residential unit towers popping up like weeds wherever industry used to be. It was also Kruger Day or “Heroes Day” being 10 October, a memorial day in South Africa for the fallen Boer. It was a fitting day for a group to stage a rally right in the heart of Sydney to draw attention to the plight of South African farmer. The South African farmer – or should we say the White South African farmer is becoming a rare species.

It is not a matter that is talked about often. It is never seen in the news. It isn’t discussed around the water-cooler. However, the white farmers of South Africa suffer a murder rate that some argue constitutes genocide. Indeed, this apparent targeting of Boers generally appears to exist in a culture where racism against Whites is tolerated, and where some might indicate that institutional support fosters attacks against specifically white men, women and children.However, the authorities deny that there is a racial connection, and the Farmer’s Union plays down the racial element so as not to alienate itself from State attention and assistance.2

button - mugabe deadWhat cannot be denied is that unlike other parts of the world, where murders rates are significant because of high crime rates, poverty or drug trafficking, the murder of Whites in South Africa has a particularly savage element to it, above and beyond the merely criminal. It reeks of malice and racially motivated violence. Some of the stories are truly horrific: a family brutally clubbed to death – save for the twelve year old son who was thrown into a scalding bath bound and gagged, whist the family dog was disembowelled;3 a whole family cut up with an axe;4 a mother and daughter are raped and tortured seemingly for kicks;5 a man is stabbed 150 times and his wife and child shot at close range6 and other reports include the pouring of boiling water down the throats of an elderly couple and farmers being dragged behind vehicles.7 These are not mere acts of violence incidental to theft or other criminal activity. They are however highly typical of tribal justice meted out in the region.8

At the very least, one would have thought that there have been enough incidents of violence for even the most hardened of human rights activists to take an interest in the situation and perhaps even participate in a rally of the nature of which had been organised by The Party for Freedom in Sydney, earlier today in front of Sydney’s Town Hall. Alas, the rally attracted a range of people from different backgrounds – some neither white nor South African – but none of the usual human rights activists were to be seen. In fact, some people, in spite of the rally standing against the murder of children, with banners to such effect, actually heckled the participants.

Notably, according to one eye witness at the rally, the hecklers were almost exclusively White, middle-class women: “most of the people who yelled at us today were women, and all of them were White. I really don’t understand what they’re going on about. Why should the mass murder of Whites, many of whom are women and children, not be a cause for concern? That’s what we’re protesting about!” Another asked, “do these people think we should be ignoring something that would be a cause of large scale public denunciations if it were perpetrated against, say, indigenous Australians? So it’s OK to treat Whites this way? Is that what I’m supposed to take from the abuse we got?

We might add, why is it that a picture of one drowned boy (at the hands of his father’s own negligence) moves the world to change the entire immigration programme of the European Union and the Western world, yet the pictures of dead and brutalised children on South African farms means nothing? Likewise, why is it that the government of Australia will take in thousands of refugees from Islamic lands when the population doesn’t want them, yet a family of white farmers will have almost no chance of being regarded as refugees from the very real danger to their lives they live under daily?

It seems that the media silence about the plight of White farmers in South Africa is based on some kind of retributive justice: the whites deserve what they get because of Apartheid. But how do two such wrongs make a right, especially in a human rights context? Why does the media shy away from any deaths of Whites in South Africa yet get right behind movements such as #blacklivesmatter?

Having at least raised these issues in the public forum the rally then moved in slow procession – bearing white crosses – around the Town Hall before calling it a day. No public commentator or politician within the mainstream has yet dared to ask or attempt to answer the above questions, however the attendees at this rally have made it clear that the victims of racism will be remembered, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

– Cecil Lansdowne

The author is a student of politics and a conservative grass-roots campaigner in the Sydney region.

Above: one of the placards displayed at today’s rally showing the young face of one of the victims of racist violence in the “Rainbow Nation”. Judging from the mainstream silence, crimes against her aren’t “newsworthy” enough for our “progressive” media, evidently.

Stop White Genocide Rally at Sydney Town Hall 11 October 2015

Above: one of the contingents arriving at today’s rally against racist violence in South Africa.


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4 Comments on "Anti-Genocide Protest Heckled by Racist Whites at Sydney’s Town Hall"

  1. You ask many questions in this article, but they are ones that you set in such a way that if you get the answer, you would most likely like to debate them. Why are most of the hecklers white women, should you ask? We are tired of protesters making it a “race” thing. As an ex-South African I am over the whinging of a people who only want to point fingers to apartheid and its problems. Yes, there are deaths and horrible murders, but it happens on all sides – white and black. The photos you are showing are from events that happened in the 1990’s. We are sick and tired of being forced to have to fight the Black/White issue of a country. If the protesters were standing there with placards saying that one must give attention to the irregularities and corruption as well as the criminal injustice of ALL South African people there might have been a better response. But, why would they want a positive response from a nation such as Australia, who in fact has proven time and again, not to be racist. I think the journalist needs to realize that this country will in fact not stand for the rights of ONLY ONE RACE. They would like to see both sides.

    • Mrs Potter is of the view that the protesters effectively racialized the problem in South Africa: “We are tired of protesters making it a ‘race’ thing” she writes. Oddly however, she seems oblivious to the fact that the rapists and killers make it “a race thing” by seeking White victims. Yet, in the eyes of the we-are-the-world liberals, those who notice these inconvenient facts are the real bigots. We sure do live in strange times.

      In our experience, people who react suspiciously to objections against the targeting or disenfranchisement of Whites on the basis of their ethnic identity, tend also to be the same people who champion “minority rights” and “hate crime” legislation. The cognitive dissonance is of course painfully obvious to those with eyes that can see; and we presume that was partly the point of the protest, as could have been gathered from the title of our report.

      Interestingly, Potter identifies that the photos of the brutalised young child on the placards were from the 1990s – perhaps she is right, frankly we don’t know when the photos were taken. We are however forced to wonder: so what? Genocide is evil, and as such it is commemorated by the target group as an act of remembrance. The genocide of Armenians or Jews is routinely commemorated by those communities over a century and 75 years ago, respectively, and rightly so.

      Is Potter suggesting that people of European descent have no moral right to champion their own civil and human rights wherever and whenever they may be under threat? Why are we an apparent “special case” in this area of “raising awareness” and “social justice”? In any event, the references in our report note similar incidents which have occurred even this year. By all accounts, there is no reason to believe that this trend will subside any time soon – hence the gravity of the problem. Mrs Potter apparently didn’t feel it was necessary to look at the evidence, preferring instead to react emotionally to something that obviously rubbed her utopian-“progressive” conceits the wrong way.

      And thus, we note with some alarm and dismay (though not surprise) that Potter nowhere explicitly states that genocide directed specifically against people of European descent is reprehensible. Her omission is rather telling, and it demonstrates that her putative egalitarianism is but skin deep. She displays what some in the independent right refer to as ethnomasochism, which seems to be an extension of the pathologised altruism of European society coupled with an overload of feminine sentimentality in the political realm lavished upon The Other (i.e. xenophilia). Perhaps this is why most of the hecklers where White, and all of those, female…

      To be fair, Potter does indeed suggest that violence against ‘any’ group is reprehensible, and by inference, she objects that the protesters weren’t protesting generic violence. But is violence of any sort ever protested against generically in the age of identity politics? As an example, we struggle to find even one instance of a social-justice obsessed woman vociferously denounce campaigns against domestic violence as unfairly, unnecessarily or misleadingly targeting men or masculinity. And why shouldn’t they? After all, isn’t all “intimate” or “partner violence” a bad thing? Why just fixate on only one group’s plight? Does the fixation somehow discredit the White Ribbon Campaign? (ahem…)

      In any event, Potter’s comment seems to be typical of what we’ve come to expect from so-called “race blind” liberals who don’t like being reminded of the falsity of their “progressive” views, or what their ideology has wrought upon once prosperous and functional societies. What we’ve learned by trying to unpack her comment is truly frightening: when is a White woman’s concern about the rape, brutalisation and murder of young girls apparently muted or mitigated? When the victims are White and the perpetrators are not. Some may complain this is an unfair conclusion to draw from the above; we wonder however whether a certain group of 1400 young English girls or their families might not agree with us instead.

      No, Potter and her ilk have no moral lessons to teach us; none at all.

  2. Thank you, Cecil for publicising the ‘Stop White Genocide’ rally on your blog. The dehumanised and battered South African whites have a genuine story that is ignored by the mainstream media because of their skin colour.

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