“Death of Hazel Hawke” and “Diversity Strikes London, Again”

Who was it who said we lived in a boring world? Two events in yesterday’s news prove that history has certainly not yet ended (pace Fukuyama) and that after the lessons of the twentieth century, the liberal West seems only to be getting increasingly dumber by the decade.

A Secular Canonisation in Progress

The communication arm of state liberalism in Australia, ABC News reports the passing of Hazel Hawke, the former wife of Australia’s former Labor Prime Minister, Robert “Bob” Hawke. In it, this little pearl:

However, she continued her role in public life, campaigning on issues such as women’s rights to abortion. She spoke from experience, having had an abortion so her future husband could pursue a Rhodes scholarship in the UK.¹

Note the creative thought-jamming in the above text: she did something conservatives may denounce, abortion, but she did it for her husband, the motives of a traditional and dedicated wife, no less. Her pro-abortion stance is based on “experience”: she is a wise-woman, not like those mindless pro-life thugs with all their misogyny and ignorance. Do viewers think this careful script was written by accident?

Of course, her devotion to her husband was certainly admirable, but her abortion was more a failure of his manhood than a severe laps in her moral judgment. If, as the feminists constantly harp, we live in a “Patriarchy”, this future father would sacrifice his elite education for the life of his child. He would put a stop to the expression of this dubious women’s pseudo-right without hesitation or compunction, and end it in a moment, righteously, proudly and without apology. Such an action would be almost effortless, assuming the myth of hegemonic male power were actually true either then or now. Nevertheless, one might observe that the social degeneracy of yesteryear, promoted as it was under the banner of female emancipation, and which dictates the mainstream politics of today, is largely the result of an abdication of male authority in the public sphere. But more on this later.

As can be seen from the media commentary on the passing of Hazel Hawke, this event presents another opportunity for the secular and militant feminist left to grind their political axe and push the ideological barrow on one of their more horrid pet obsessions. But this could only have been made possible with the enabling consent of a formally “Patriarchal” ruling class, if indeed it was so oppressive, hegemonic and all powerful. Either way, her death will be used to promote the death of many more future Australians who will be denied the opportunity to vote or voice an opinion about this so-called “woman’s right.” May they rest in eternal peace.

Meanwhile, the governments of liberal states face a demographic vacuum left behind in the wasteland of the abortion clinic’s morbid business and a rampant culture of inconsequential sex. Their response? Increased immigration, from anywhere and everywhere. How else could it otherwise be? This question brings us to our next story.

The Cultural Enrichment of Britain Continues

If one of the defining qualities of a conservative mindset is the appreciation of the fact that ideas and actions have consequences, then we are forced to conclude that there does not appear to be a single conservative party anywhere in the Western world, least of all in the Anglosphere, and especially in the Mother Country.

The decapitation, in broad daylight, of a native Briton by an instant gang of “Diversities”, right outside the premises of a military barracks, all in the name of a cultural-religious cause completely alien to the historical legacy of Britain, the ease at which such an action had occurred, the brazen confidence of the perpetrators in boasting of their conduct, with bloodied hands gesturing proudly before a live camera, the flaccid response of the local community while the grisly affair was taking place, and the bewildered response of the authorities, all of this has illustrated (again) the bankruptcy and failure of the multicultural experiment and the neutering effect of political liberalism on the minds of its adherents.

For decades the native populations of the West have been assaulted with the counter-propositional idea that all people are essentially fungible, interchangeable and have no inherent distinctive qualities which may in some circumstances be incompatible or even diametrically opposed, hostile and the source of uncompromising and therefore irreconcilable difference. For decades, the native populations of the West have had to suffer this concept foisted upon them by their apparent moral superiors, without their consent, that every individual  ultimately desires to become a hedonistic nihilist in trance with the inanities of modern Western pop-culture. These theories and concepts have been, are, and will continue to be, wrong, and fatally so.

Yet no mainstream government of the self-described conservative persuasion will repudiate them. Or if it does, it does so in word but not deed. Just as the failure of manhood has lead to the domestic feralisation of women, it is the failure of manhood again which has lead to a once proud civilisation capable of dominating the world’s trade and politics to a feeble incompetence in dealing with an alien, barbaric presence in its own back yard. Indeed the mainstream conservative parties of the West will sing from the same hymnal as the international left in denying that these acts have anything to do with what is obviously their primary motivating force, muse and inspiration. Instead, the utopian and mind numbing multi-culti mantra continues to be chanted. The Prime Minister’s response? Meaningless platitudes:

The terrorists will never win because they can never beat the values we hold dear, the belief in freedom, in democracy, in free speech, in our British values, Western values. They are never going to defeat those. That is how we will stand up to these people, whoever they are, however many there are of them, and that is how we will win.²

Note the propositional definition of the West. No concrete people and culture, just vague and ambiguous abstracts like “freedom” or content free ideas like “democracy.” Listen “Dave”, you wouldn’t have to stand up to them if they weren’t there to cause the havoc and terror in the first place. Meanwhile, London’s “conservative” Mayor adds:

What we also have is the best, the most professional security services and the best police in the world to protect us and they are now going to get to the bottom of exactly what’s happened.³

We can tell you what happened, but you won’t listen. Just like Enoch told you what would have eventually happened if you didn’t shed these idiotic universalist beliefs in total non-discrimination and cultural relativism, but you didn’t listen then, either. That’s right “Boris”, instead of dealing with the problem at its root, build a police state instead. Although we wonder how this will work with all that lovely “freedom” and “free speech” your PM holds so dear. And how can a “democracy” work if its electors are fractured along ethnic and religious lines? So “Boris” will have to have his way and a police state it must be for the UK of the future. That much is true, for the liberal ideology that apparently defines even UK “conservative” politics now, is so far removed from reality that its propositions need to be coerced at the business end of a baton.

It is symbolic, is it not, that the one person who actually stood up to the alien thugs that butchered the son of Albion, was a woman. How embarrassing that must be for “Dave” and “Boris” – but of course for them to feel the embarrassment they would have to first understand what is happening before their eyes. In any case, cowards rarely feel shame. A genuinely conservative movement would put a stop to the liberal moronism on which Britain’s modern immigration and multicultural policies are based, and it would do so without hesitation or compunction, and end it in a moment, righteously, proudly and without apology. Unfortunately, no such party exists, because evidently this failure of manhood is more chronic and pervasive than once believed.

– SydneyTrads


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