Quote of the Week: John Red Eagle and Vox Day, “Cuckservative”

Vox Day“Are all cultures the same? Even today’s establishment cultural relativists won’t deny difference in fashion, color schemes, music and the many other superficial trappings of culture. Bring up values, however, and they begin to equivocate. Compare American culture in a negative way with almost any non-Western culture, and our society’s dominant leftists will enthusiastically agree, though the occasional cuckservative opposition might raise a few impotent protests. Do the reverse, by pointing our positive traits of American culture versus any other, and leftists will leap furiously to the attack, while the cuckservatives mouth platitudes about how everyone loves freedom and democracy.”

▪John Red Eagle and Vox Day, Cuckservative – How “Conservatives” Betrayed America (Castlaia House, 2015) extract from page 39.

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