Quote of the Week: Cory Bernardi, “The Conservative Revolution”

cory-bernardi-portraitThose who challenge the reality that our Western worldview is infused with a behavioural code that stems from our Christian ethos would quickly point out that individuals are largely free to decide how they live their lives and to set their own moral standards, and many chose standards that do not accord with Christian morality. This is true to a point but only because the Christian worldview holds that virtue, to be truly virtuous, must be voluntary. Hence, it is not unremarkable that Christian societies will have even a substantial dissenting group living amongst them, people who do not subscribe to all or even any of the doctrines of the majority or dominant faith. People’s choices should remain theirs to make within the existing legal and moral framework. But that does not mean that a society which exists under a certain ethos does not have a moral right to maintain and promote that ethos within its legal order, especially if that order has been tried and proven to be fruitful and conducive to the health of the community and its individual members. Therein lies the legitimacy of our cause.

▪ Cory Bernardi, The Conservative Revolution (Connor Court, 2013) extract from page 39.

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