“Zippy Catholic” — Requiescat in Pace

With considerable sadness and some embarrassment, news of the recent passing of traditionalist blogger Matthew “Zippy Catholic” has only just reached us. Zippy was a permanent feature on the reactosphere for many years, and his blog provided lucid commentary and incisive analysis on the challenges of our era, the conceits of the reigning social pathologies and the general fraud of the modernist zeitgeist. He will be missed.

Kristor J. Lawson at The Orthosphere has posted a gracious and heartfelt eulogy which we recommend to all our readers and followers. Also recommended is the eulogy published by the editors of Whats Wrong With The World. To that we can only add our condolences to Zippy’s family and friends and pray for the repose of his soul in Heaven. May he rest in eternal peace.

SydneyTrads Editors

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