Quote of the Week: Jonathan Bowden, Interview at the Union Jack Club, 21 November 2009

j_bowden-flagQ. In what sense to you understand men and women to be different and in which way should societal and other institutional discrimination reflect those differences?

A. I think life determines the difference, I think it’s biological, males and females have different brains, therefore wish to socialize and interact even with each other in a completely different way. Deep down almost everyone understands that, there’s always a problem with the proportion of women who are completely capable of doing quite advanced male careers. Do you rip up what society always was in order to facilitate this active, energetic, gifted and militant minority to get their own way? The West has decided to do that. It’s made an enormous number of other people rather unhappy. Both male and female. Seventy percent of women just want a home based option, a man and children, despite all the ideology that goes around. But there’s still thirty percent that would want something different. […] Women have always had more of a stake publicly in Western societies. Germanic tribes, the women often fought behind the men, but the men went first. AntifeminismI’m opposed to feminism, but at the same time there are some very gifted women who can do certain public roles. But as long as you ideologise on behalf of what deep down most men and women want, the truth is natural biology will take care of these things. You have to apply immense pressure on society to get it to act in a counter propositional and non biological way, so you have to engage in intense propagandistic efforts through the media to try and reverse gender roles and enforce sort of inverted stereotypes on people. If you take all of that off and allow the natural quote-unquote political incorrectness of gender roles to proliferate, you will find that you’ll have the odd MI5 chief who is a woman, you’ll have the odd judge who is a woman, but broadly speaking you’ll have a sort of traditional society where the roles are quite clearly male and female, and deep down no woman respects a man who doesn’t think that, although they don’t like him saying it.

▪ Jonathan Bowden, Interview with members of the “London New Right” at the Union Jack Club, 21 November 2009.

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