New Installments to Traditionalist Ebooklet

Some months ago SydneyTrads reported its acknowledgment by two popular conservative website in Melbourne, one of which was Mark Richardson’s OzConservative. We recommended that blog and the work of its moderator as a good source of commentary from the traditionalist conservative perspective on current social and political affairs. Since then, Mark Richardson has published a further two installments in his serialized ebooklet: Chapter 6 “Morality” and Chapter 7 “Trivial Pursuits.” The earlier chapters concerned “What is Shaping the West”, “Autonomy Theory”, “Sex Distinctions”, “The Family” and “Nation & Ethny.” We recommend that our readers (particularly those who are new to traditionalist conservatism and would like to know more about it) visit OzConservative and familiarise themselves with this work. Richardson’s ebooklet is a good introduction to what is thankfully a growing ‘sidestream’ in Australian political thought. The Chapters can be accessed on the top-right side-bar of the blog’s index page.

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SydneyTrads is the internet portal and communication page of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum: an association of young professionals who form part of the Australian paleoconservative, traditionalist conservative, and independent right.

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  1. Perhaps a hc book format is planned?

    • Unfortunately, all contact with Mark Richardson has been lost. A few years ago an offer was made by the British Quarterly Review to serialize the ebooklet he was drafting, however he declined the opportunity. Hopefully he may reappear some time online or in person, and the project can be resuscitated. However, the QR no longer publishes a print edition, so that options has fallen through. It is entirely conceivable that the ebooklet could at some point be turned into a proper ebook, but this of course is entirely the province of the author.

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