Quote of the Week: Enoch Powell, “Freedom & Reality”

STF Poster - Enoch Powel‘Why?’ the people used to ask me, ‘is the Government bringing these people into our country in ever-growing numbers? And where is it all going to end?’ I tried to explain that the law of England could not distinguish between one British subject and another and that therefore the inhabitants of India, Africa and the West Indies were all the same in law as the inhabitants of Wolverhampton.

It was a fiction, perhaps a romantic fiction, but one which could only be maintained if no practical effect was given to it. Year after year, in government and out of it, I begged colleagues to bring the law into line with reality; but the majority of Ministers and Members had no personal knowledge of what was happening in a few concentrated areas.

▪ Enoch Powell, Freedom & Reality (Paperfronts, 1969) extract from page 295.

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5 Comments on "Quote of the Week: Enoch Powell, “Freedom & Reality”"

  1. Gwiz, would have liked to see a bit more quoted!

  2. Is this book available freely online?

    • Enoch Powell’s Freedom & Reality may be digitized somewhere online, but not that we’re aware of. Fortunately, copies of Powell’s work can be obtained through various internet based bookshops. This Paperfront edition is a reprint of the original.

  3. Enoch Powell, the Cassandra of the 20th century. Ignorant Liberal Party kids wax lyrical about their heroes – Howard, Menzies, Fraser, Holt who had a bigger hand in changing the European character of Australia than their dreaded Labor ‘enemies’.

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