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Quote of the Week: Andrew Fraser, “Monarchs and Miracles”

andrew fraserThe Crown has always been under a positive duty to protect the spirit of British liberty. That obligation became especially compelling once universal suffrage permitted every elected government to identify its own absolutist pretensions with the will of the people. Today, the allegedly enlightened despotism holding sway over the British peoples is even more insidious. In the name of universal human rights, their historic claim to secure possession of an ethnic homeland has been cast into doubt, both ‘at home’ and in the old white settler Dominions.

▪ Andrew Fraser, “Monarchs and Miracles” Upholding the Australian Constitution No. 17 (Samuel Griffith Society, 2005) extract from page 186.

SydneyTrads is the internet portal and communication page of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum: an association of young professionals who form part of the Australian independent right (also known as “dissident right” or “outer right”).

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