Quote of the Week: HRH Prince of Wales, “Harmony”

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H.R.H. The Prince of Wales

Official thinking is just as bad. There are constant efforts to introduce GM technology and to encourage ‘efficient,’ economy of scale systems of farming which, of course, means that small farmers and entire communities are effectively driven off the land. Is this what people really want to see happen, given that genuine food security is intimately linked with communities of small farmers all around the world? It is important to recognise that if the kind of ‘big’ thinking I have mentioned is not tempered by a more rounded and integrated approach – and fast – then we will witness the comprehensive and disastrous destruction of both community and natural capital on a scale that is impossible to exaggerate. It is this big element in the game that has to be somehow persuaded to take a more rounded view.

▪ H.R.H. The Prince of Wales (Tony Juniper and Ian Skell, eds.), Harmony (Blue Door, 2010) extract from page 205.

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