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traditionalist ebooklet buttonWe are pleased to read news of the re-emergence of the Australian traditionalist blog OzConservative. A brief report on the Orthosphere states that the recently missing Melbourne based blog, administered by Mark Richardson, is now “public and active again.”

Mark Moncrieff writes at Upon Hope that the Victorian traditionalist-conservative blogger “is a Master in analyzing the social and the political together, if you’ve read him before you’ll know what I mean, if you haven’t do yourself a favour and check him out.” Richardson writes on his website:

I’m going to start posting again after a very long absence. I’m not sure yet if I’ll remain with this site or set up something new, but I’ll be here for a while at least. I won’t have as much time as before for regular updates, but I’ll do what I can.

We certainly hope that Richardson may find the time to complete his ebook project, which has been an invaluable source to young traditionalists and others who may be interested in understanding the orthospheran critique of modernity.

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  1. Excellent news – Richardson is an important mind in the Australian Traditionalist scene. He is sensible and accurate. Traditionalists often have to fight to be heard because they never get paid to spout their opinions unlike other worldviews. The fact that he is back in the saddle is a testament to his commitment to the truth of his convictions.

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