The Year in Review: 2015, Year of the Quickening

Wieża Babel sama upada.¹
[“The Tower of Babel falls under its own weight”]

2015 has been an interesting year. If it is to be immediately remembered for anything it is for the acceleration of both the forces of coercive international and domestic cultural Marxism, and the rising specter of reaction against its most damaging consequences to the peoples of the West – our culture, heritage, history and national interests. To put it in simpler terms, it has been the year of the quickening.

This has been the year when European elites, aided and abetted by well-intentioned banner waving idiots at the train and bus stations of Austria and Germany, have effectively called on and encouraged the demographic displacement of their own nations. This has been the year when the routine and consistent warnings of the Dissident Right have gone unheeded, paving the way to the massacres in Paris and undoubtedly feeding the forces of continental anarcho-tyranny well into the future. This has been the year when the choreographed visage of Aylan Kurdi hit the front pages of every major tabloid and broadsheet in the Western press, while also being broadcast into our television screens for days on end. This has been the year when the Rotherham 1400 scandal was briefly exposed, and then quickly forgotten by those same media elites.

Demographic invaders pretending to be "refugees"

Demographic invaders pretending to be “refugees”.

This has been the year when the “right” to same-sex “marriage” was constitutionally enshrined into the law of Ireland, in a referendum in which even the Catholic Church cowardly refused to take a vocal position in the “No” campaign. This has been the year when the US left’s struggle against ostensible “impositions of morality” spun on a dime: the universal purging of the Confederate Southern Cross from the public square coincided with the mass proliferation of the Homintern’s “rainbow flag” wherever possible (by state institutions and private corporations alike). This has been the year when we have learned that racial profiling and the ethnic identification of perpetrators of mass violence is perfectly OK (a la Dylan Roof) but not really (a la the various “British”, “French”, “Belgian” etc. nationals responsible for terrorist attacks on European soil). This has been another year of the “flash mob”, the “random attack”, the “shocking” criminal event that we are constantly reminded is “unrelated” or has “nothing at all to do” with what the perpetrators themselves assert is their motivating idea or ideology. This has been the year when fools keep asking “why?” when the answer is punching them in the face. This has been the year when young Swedish women continue to dye their hair black. This has been the year in which we have learned that proposing immigration restriction will inevitably lead to a dangerous slippery slope, a slippery slope that mysteriously disappears when other “reforms” are discussed, such as so-called “marriage equality.”

This has been the year that the Utopian multicultural and deracinated conceits of the European Union have begun to rapidly unravel before our eyes, just as it is now impossible to deny the danger of militantly exporting post-modern notions of “freedom” and “democracy” into Afro-Arabia. With Bruce (a.k.a. “Caitlyn”) Jenner and Rachel Dolezal, this has been the year of peak trans-genderism and trans-racialism, though the progressive vanguard has at times shown uncertainty as to how, or whether, or even to what extent it should embrace the latest “brave” “transgression” of the ever-shifting moral consensus. This has been the year of the “microagression”, where the descendants of Third World immigrants living in Western societies as well as various local indigenous peoples vociferously warned against our “appropriation” of their “cultures” in contemporary pop-culture, all the while displaying artifacts of Western cultural achievement themselves and thanklessly enjoying what our civilisation has benefited them (not least of which is the freedom and right to deny our existence as a people while at the same time ascribing universal guilt upon us as a people for imagined or selectively remembered historical crimes allegedly committed by us as a people).

Bruce Jenner pretending to be a woman.

Bruce Jenner pretending to be a woman.

Closer to home, this has been the year of the death of the “chief architect of Zimbabwe”, former Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Fraser. This has been the year when faux-conservative Tony Abbott was replaced by the social liberal Malcolm Turnbull as our national leader. And this has been the year when word of the formation of an explicitly conservative party in Australia has been loudly whispered within section of our local media, as well as disenfranchised elements of the governing Coalition.

Of course, it has also been the year that the meme-wars hit the mainstream, during which #Cuckservative was undoubtedly – and understandably – the most recognisable vehicle used to shame mainstream conservative talking-heads for their moral and political bankruptcy; their fundamental ineffectiveness in prosecuting the Culture Wars; their impotence in the face of an aggressive ideological opponent who has proven time and time again that she is playing for keeps, not compromise. This has been the year that the protests of discontented grassroots rightists and “normies” alike spilled over from the online virtual world to open rebellion at the ballot box. This has been the year when the mendacity of self-professing conservatives have shown that their true loyalties rest not with the people they supposedly seek to serve, but the leftist vandals they allegedly oppose.

Rachel Dolezal pretending to be Black.

Rachel Dolezal pretending to be Black.

With the French “right” and left joining forces against a sincere political alternative opposed to the suicidal status quo on the European continent, to major Republican commentators declaring their preference for Hillary Clinton over the outsider Donald Trump should he win the party’s nomination, to UKIP’s inability to win more than a single seat in the House of Commons despite being the third largest political force in the nation: honest people at the end of 2015 cannot but admit that the “democratic” order we live in is mono-ideological, saturated by the corruption of political opportunists who take the conservative or rightist vote for granted, and hate the voters who nevertheless routinely reward their consistent betrayal every four years.

But this has also been the year of continued resistance and increasingly vocal dissent. For the first time in history, the largest, most politically and economically significant state in Central Europe, Poland has evicted all leftist and former communist parties and politicians from its parliament, replacing them by a Eurosceptic patriotic government (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość) which looks toward the success of Budapest (Fidesz) as inspiration for national sovereigntist revival. This has also been the year when Hungary’s Victor Orbán has remained steadfast in the face of the European Union’s political stand-over tactics, pseudo-moral shaming and international libel, simply for wishing to remain Hungarian. This has been the year when almost two thirds of Slovenians voted against same-sex “marriage” in a referendum in which all political and media institutions campaigned for the affirmative position (an outcome which didn’t seem to be particularly newsworthy in the eyes of the Western press). Let us hope that this time, the centre will hold.

Most of these developments can be roughly described as fronts in a struggle for normative standards of civilised existence, the assertion of traditional identity, and in particular, the expression of a growing dissatisfaction by those who have been systematically defamed by the self-styled purveyors of tolerance, equity and equality. What was once merely a description, “white male” has now become an accusation, an indictment, a pejorative. In an ironic twist that only casts light on the self-devouring ideology of the revolutionary cultural left, this year we witness the academic establishment in the US being set upon by the nappied radicals it itself has reared over the last half century. Ordinarily, we may feel some sympathy, but these are not ordinary times, and the victims here are not without a stain on their record either. This has been the year when identity politics on the right has taken the predictable step of calling its opponents’ bluff: the proliferation of the White Student Union phenomenon – more recently a feature of North American universities alone – has arrived in Australia; the reaction of course has been predictable, too. In the name of equality, inclusion, diversity, and fairness, members have been threatened, faculty has issued statements of disassociation, websites have been shut down.

Tony Abbott pretending to be Conservative

PM Tony Abbott pretending to be a Conservative.

Contrary to the straw-man arguments put forward by so-called “anti-racists”, what these last examples highlight is that European people qua European people, wherever they may be, have (or should have) a right to exist and promote their corporate interests; they have this right on the same basis as other groups who have themselves been systematically encouraged by “progressive” internationalists and multiculturalists to organise as specific ethno-cultural blocs. The inverted morality of the present political and cultural elites – at least when it comes to the interests of Western Civilisation and its constituent nations – has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that the racism ascribed to the Dissident Right is more readily apparent in the policies and rhetoric of ostensible “anti racists” themselves. Pace our disingenuous detractors, reactionaries that refuse to be drugged by the liberal self-effacing mind-virus have no ill will towards The Other. We are simply no longer willing to cower and pretend to be bedazzled or mesmerised by the Emperor’s new clothes; indeed, we no longer feel compelled to pretend the Emperor is clothed at all.

Our task for 2016 is not to assume the status of a “Loyal Opposition” to the status quo, but to foster the bedrock of an alternative cultural and political outlook among the youth, one that is founded on the constructive will to restore the dignity of our people, not just react and oppose the degeneracy of the mainstream and the purveyors of mediocrity in the left and disingenuous “right”. We are reactionaries only insofar as we follow in the intellectual tradition of the Continental counterrevolutionaries; we are proactive in that we are not content to simply complain about the revolutionary leftward ratcheting effect of the modern world but are committed to be the rebirth our civilisation now desperately needs. It is in this spirit that we look towards the coming year with hope and renewed energy. We must start taking our own side. We must become the leaders we have been waiting for. We must become who we are.

– SydneyTrads Editors


  1. Nicolás Gómez Dávila, Scholia do Tekstu Implicite, Krzysztof Urbanek (trans.) (Warsaw: Furta Sacra, 2014) p. 883 pt. 7. This aphorism is translated from the Polish text by E.Z.D.
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