Plan White – Redux … now in Rainbow Pantyhose

Germany’s code name for the strategic plan of its September 1, 1939 invasion of Poland was Fall Weiss—“Plan White.” The plan envisioned a three-month long campaign, with a three-pronged envelopment converging on Warsaw, where the encirclement and destruction of the Polish Army would ensue. The Soviet Army’s attack from the east, just 15 days after the Germans invaded from the west and north, compacted the whole enterprise to five weeks; by 6 October Poland had been conquered, though it would never surrender.

With Poland now the heavier anchor of the Visegrad Group’s anti-Islamization, anti-barbarization, anti-cultural dispossession, “refugees”-refusing European resistance camp, a new multi-front war has been launched upon it, led, again, by Germany. As this time around, per Karl Marx’s clever observation, history has returned as farce, the European Union is the senior partner in the German Axis, with Francois Hollande’s France closing up the rear.

Besides Poland, the Visegrad Group (V-4), comprises an exemplary force in Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Moreover, a movement is afoot to unite in this resistance all countries whose peoples’ brains, collectively and severally, were miraculously saved from the horrible virus that has been ravaging the ruling classes and half the population of Western Europe and the White Anglophony since the 1950s. Ironically, the healthy populations whose survival instinct, peoplehood and love of ancestral country and culture have not been extinguished, were protected from the Western virus by the onerous Iron Curtain.


Angela Merkel and François Hollande.

Poland is in the cross-hairs of the West’s “progressive” ruling classes more than any other defiant country. There are some historical, geostrategic, even psychological reasons, but we won’t get into that here. Let is suffice that when the Law and Justice party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość or “PiS”) won a landslide election in October 2015 and replaced the Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska or “PO”) party with an unprecedented absolute majority in the Polish parliament, a tectonic shift took place. Such real change is inherently impossible in countries like the United States or United Kingdom, where Tweedledee may replace Tweedledum at the seat of government but the people still end up with egg on their face. They can only parse a concept like Bushbama to compare the magnitude of their destruction under a Bush or Obama, or Blair-Cameron in the U.K., and so on with this single Western regime sporting different shades of lipstick.

PiS is a conservative, traditionalist, nationalist, Euro-sceptic party. PO is a Christian-Democrat, pro-“European”, “centrist” party of the same ilk as the governing party that’s undoing Germany under Angela Merkel, or the one that was undoing France under Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy. Those parties are what passes for “center-right” in Europe, but they are “center”, let alone “right”, only because the much-cleverer Left has moved the goal posts, unopposed, so far to the left that the center is where the left corner used to be.

PiS is multiculti postmodern Europe’s demon from hell: a basso profundo Commendatore risen from the netherworld to drag the libertine Don Juan from the easy life, the alternative values system, the golden trough, the dames, the Daimlers and the Davos swells– down to eternal hell. PiS is the stone figure of a father thought stabbed, dead and buried, but come back to life to reclaim honor, to assert still-living tradition, to place man and woman where they belong, to restore the social order and channel God’s wrath. It could have been Front National in France or one of the smaller parties in a smaller country, but fate has decreed that Poland lead. And PiS is quite to the right — the Christian right– of Front National, too.


Under PO, Poland had busted from within the V-4 group that had opposed, along with Romania, the German-EU manic push to spread Germany’s suicide-by-“refugees” among the rest of European Union’s members. It caved in to Mama Merkel’s, Jean-Claude Juncker’s and Martin Schultz’s inveigling and committed to accept 11,946 “refugees” of the 160,000 that the European Commission shoved down the throat of its member states, willing or unwilling. That left Poland’s smaller V-4 partners exposed and vulnerable.

Heads of state of the Visegrad Group, left to right: Viktor Orbán (Hungary), Bohuslav Sobotka (Czech Republic), Beata Szydło (Poland) and Robert Fico (Slovakia)

PiS campaigned on the promise to scuttle that sovereignty-crushing deal in order to preserve Poland’s cultural unity, social capital and physical safety. That is why, when PiS won in October, assorted German politicians, chief Eurocrats, UN meddlers, postmodern European bishops, the West’s bien pensants and the fearsome mass media blitzkrieg columns unleashed another “White Plan” multi-pronged attack on the key country standing athwart their scheme to fuse Europe with the Third World, to crush ornery Christian nationalists under the more congenial sandals of the imported followers of Allah and, generally, to implement the secular-humanist Second Coming and Paradise-on-Earth-ever-after.

Just to quote and analyze the invective and threats and hypocritical calls to “solidarity” that, since October 2015, the ruling nomenklatura of Germany, France, the European Commission, UN apparatchiks, Soros servants and many other official agents of the New World Order (NWO) have been hurling at Poland, would take a book – and that before going into the even-thicker dossier of preposterous pap poured out liberally by the West’s mass media: the heavy panzer column in this neue Plan White. Our issue here is that the attacks continue, now attempting to delegitimize the PiS government and nullify the will of the Polish people that elected it. This in spite of the PiS government’s admission that under the EU treaties and regulations to which Poland is signatory it is compelled to honor the obligations of the former government, though no such “refugees”-related schemes will be accepted in the future.

We will look here just at the major attacks that took place in a single week of February 2016, and not from the Eurocrats who regularly hurl dark loads at their noncompliant neighbor across the Oder-Neisse rivers, but from an astonishingly wider spectrum.

Mack, Dick and Ben gang-up on Beata

On February 10, 2016, U.S. Senators John McCain, Benjamin Cardin and Richard Durbin sent a letter¹ to Poland’s Prime Minister Beata Szydło expressing “concern” about “recent actions taken by the Polish Government that, they alleged, “threaten the independence of state media and the country’s highest court and undermine Poland’s role as a democratic model.” The three U.S. potentates presented themselves as a “bipartisan group of Senators that are friends of Poland”, though they are bipartisan only for the same purpose that the “Gang of Eight” was, what with McCain (R.) and Durbin (D.) key members of the gang that authored the slyly camouflaged, pro-alien invasion “comprehensive immigration reform” in 2013.

john mccain

Senator John McCain.

As to “friends” of Poland, these are people who troll for votes and donations in Jewish synagogues on Fridays, and chill with rabid Muslim fanatics or shake hands with Nazizoid Ukrainian fascists on Tuesdays, as John McCain – whom ISIS praised for (unintentionally) helping them to invade Iraq – did with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of ISIS fame and with Ukrainian “Svoboda’s” (Свобода) Oleh Tyahnybok, in May and December, 2013, respectively.

They pose as “defenders of democracy” in Poland but urge the U.S. tax authorities to investigate political opponents in the United States – as Dick Durbin and his senatorial buddies Carl Levin and Charles Schumer did in their respective letters to the IRS, seeking to harass conservative tax-exempt organizations. They “urge” the Polish government to “recommit” to “democracy, human rights, and rule of law”, but, like Ben Cardin, vote YES on making the Orwellian-fascist Patriot Act permanent and approve every racist law that comes up for their vote, e.g. preferential treatment by race in college admissions, “Affirmative Action” etc.

Polish Premier Beata Szydło responded2 with considerable restraint, pointing out, first, that her Law and Justice (PiS) party had been elected by a popular vote so large that it had an absolute parliamentary majority. The PiS government was therefore implementing reforms for the sake of which Poland’s voters had given it the ruling mandate.

With respect to the American solons’ concern about “threaten[ing] the independence of state media and the country’s highest court,” Ms. Szydło responded that, as to the media, the government’s new regulations are motivated by the opposite intent: they aim to restore to Poland’s public media the impartiality and politics-free programming that were not violated by PiS but by the former, “centrist” administration.

I must add some punch to that diplomatic formulation by noting that in Poland under the “center-right” PO-Brussels regime, public media were a clear megaphone for the multiculti globalist EU-UN-Soros-United States of Obama project, even though by their mandate they were supposed to be impartial and apolitical. The PO government engaged in such “democratic” practices as the wiretapping of critical journalists, police raids on editorial offices and covert subsidies to supportive newspapers. “Public” media engaged in sharp propaganda against PO’s conservative alternative, the one that’s now in power.

It’s the same situation the world over, what with the BBC in the U.K., RAI in Italy, SVT in Sweden, NRK in Norway, PBS in the U.S. and so on, speaking in one tendentious voice, animated by the same Gramsci-Frankfurt School-Eurabian-feminist-GLBT-“minorities”-promoting and culturally transgressive voice that is not the voice of the people whom they are supposed to serve, inform and nourish. Germany’s ZDF (television) admitted as much when it had to explain why it kept silent after thousands of Mama Merkel’s pet “refugees” had their way with German women during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

That situation was worse in Poland because the key positions in the public mass media, and some commercial media as well, were held by the privileged children of Poland’s former Communist rulers. Local pundits were saying, “It’s AL contra AK again.” They were referring to the children of actual AL and AK combatants under German and Soviet occupation, when AL, the “People’s Army,” were in the service of Stalin’s USSR, and AK, the “Home Army,” stood for nationalist, traditionalist, Christian Poland that AL and its Soviet masters ultimately crushed, beginning in 1944.

beata szydlo

Polish Premier, Beata Szydło.

PiS has changed all that. It replaced a few of the most politicized people in the putatively non-political public media, and passed a law that defined the role of national media as, among others, the cultivation of national traditions and values and providing access to unbiased information. A Council for National Media would oversee that mandate, with input from a spectrum of civic groups.

TVP (television) no longer follows a single political script or promotes schemes (e.g. gay “marriage”) repugnant to the great majority of Poles, and the full opinion spectrum is represented in its programs. It’s a freedom unknown in the West, where even the Left-reviled Fox News is little more than a Bush–Cameron sampling of politically-correct “conservatism.” And that is unacceptable in the eyes of both the Polish “progressives” whose grip on the media has been pried loose, and to international, uniformly postmodern-multiculti ruling elites who fear, just like the Soviet Union did before, that, again, seeds of freedom will blow from Poland to sprout in territories still under their control.

The issue with the Constitutional Tribunal is quite similar to that of the Left’s ways – even in its “Christian-Democrat” guise – of packing the media with minds of the same “progressive” template. Premier Szydło explained in her letter that, again, contrary to the Senators’ insinuation, problems with the Tribunal arose because of the former government, not hers. Sensing electoral defeat, on October 8, 2015 just days before the October elections, the PO regime had appointed five judges to the 15-member Constitutional Tribunal, even though the cadence of the judges whom the new ones would replace would not expire until November or December. Premier Szydło described that as “a lawless and irresponsible political act” that politicized the Constitutional Tribunal, contravened the rules of pluralism and was, in itself, unconstitutional. That unconstitutionality was confirmed by the Constitutional Tribunal itself on December 3, 2015.

To restate that in plainer language, PO was trying to pack the Tribunal with judges sharing the PO (therefore the EU-UN-Obama) vision of man, society and the world, in an ancient ploy made infamous by Franklin D. Roosevelt and his attempt to pack the U.S. Supreme Court with justices sharing his “progressive” vision. The reappointment decision belonged to the government in power in November and December, and not the one desperately trying to tilt the court its way for the future, ahead of due time.

There is an analogous struggle in the United States now, what with the convenient – some say, too convenient and quite suspicious – death of the Supreme Court’s most conservative justice, Antonin Scalia. Outgoing president Obama and his true-believers are pushing to nominate an Obamoid replacement while Republicans argue that it’s the next (and likely Republican) president to whom this choice belongs. Likewise, Obama has suspended the enforcement of immigration laws in order to pack the country with as many nonwhite future-Democrats as he can, destroying “da man” (and Western Civilization with him), doing all the damage he can while he can, with just months remaining to his cadence.

Upon convening under the new, PiS majority, the Polish parliament properly rejected such blatant political manipulation of the highest level of Poland’s judiciary. On December 2, it voted to decree as illegal and to nullify the former government’s premature appointment of the Constitutional Tribunals’ justices.

There are other, less significant changes in the new law proposed by PiS. Among others, the law mandates that this highest tribunal of the land may arrive at its decisions only via a full forum: at least 13 justices present out of the 15 total, with the validity of decisions contingent on a two thirds majority. Per reports in the Polish press, under the PO regime nine justices were sufficient, and most deliberations were conducted with only five, i.e. one third of the full roster. A simple majority was sufficient for decisions.

Judge Piotr Andrzejewski

Judge Piotr Andrzejewski

Another change is that, formerly, the Tribunal’s justices were to all intents and purposes above the law. So are, unhappily, the U.S. Supreme Court justices and federal judges, with the result being that in the entire history of the United States only one of the former and fifteen of the latter could be removed successfully from office. Under the new law, the president of Poland or its Minister of Justice will be able to initiate the process of removing a justice of the Constitutional Tribunal from office.

Piotr Andrzejewski – a justice of Poland’s other constitutional court: the State Tribunal, opined in a radio interview3 that the brouhaha around the new Constitutional Tribunal law is a ploy to discredit current salutary reforms and to inhibit further such reforms by the duly elected PiS government. He stated further that the Constitutional Tribunal itself has breached the Constitution and that only due to the new law it will no longer be able to do so with impunity.

Premier Szydło did not go into all that in her letter, limiting herself to describing the legal reform as an attempt to redress the illegality of the PO government that preceded her. She acknowledged that the reforms introduced by PiS may not be to the liking of her party’s political opponents but expressed her astonishment that an internal political dispute in her country should be a cause of interference attempts by foreign politicians.

The Americans’ interference is quite explainable when one examines the composition of the Polish opposition that has formed under the name “Committee for the Defense of Democracy” (Komitet Obrony Demokracji or KOD). Among the founders or key faces at KOD demonstrations are veteran leftist or plain communist agitators like Krzysztof Łoziński and Marek Borowski, or children of notable members of the Polish People’s Republic communist ruling regime, like Walter Chełstowski, Aleksander Gleichgewicht and Agnieszka Holland – the latter a film director and daughter of Soviet agent and editor of two Stalinist publications, Henryk Holland. There are multiculti-feminist-GLBT Cultural Marxists like Monika Płatek, Wanda Nowicka, Ryszard Kalisz, and Radomir Szumełda. There are “progressive” academics like Mateusz Kijowski, Aleksander Labuda and Wojciech Dragan, “progressive” authors like Krystyna Kofta and Bronisław Maj, and pretty faces like actors Krystyna Janda and Daniel Olbrychski.

It’s the same spectrum of the intelligentsia that either supports or actually constitutes the “progressive” ruling elites everywhere in the West. Polish sociologist and political scientist, Tomasz Żukowski, could have defined them all – though he was talking only about KOD – when he said in an interview that they malign PiS supporters and demonstrate against PiS because their sense of superiority has been jostled. The former, “progressive” regime gave them either a seat at the table of power or at least a sense of belonging in a community of the superior. And now, disaster! The horrible redneck Bible-thumpers to whom they feel superior now influence state power and political action.

Tomasz Żukowski

Dr. Tomasz Żukowski.

Anyone familiar with Ivy League professors’ voting record in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, or with the chances of tenure for an assistant professor who writes about hereditary group differences in mean IQ, or who knows how all U.S. mainstream media mocked Sarah Palin when she sought a national office, or how French President François Hollande threatened that the European Union might “suspend” countries in which “far-right” governments govern (he meant Poland), or how all main Dutch political parties vowed to boycott the country’s most popular and Euro-sceptic, anti-Islamization Freedom Party (PVV) and how the Dutch establishment persecutes PVV’s leader, Geert Wilders, will have no problem relating to Dr. Żukowski’s characterization.

Ditto relative to the “superior” caste’s disdain for the little serfs down below. The White serfs, in multi-racial countries like the Unites States, United Kingdom and pretty much everywhere else in Western Europe. The people whom the multiculti Left’s Messiah, Barack Obama, described in April 2008 as “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

With the different demographic situation in Poland, the “progressive” elite’s contempt is aimed at the lower income ethnic Poles in villages and provincial towns who are observant Catholics, follow traditional morality, never heard the names Michel Foucault and Jürgen Habermas, know the difference between man and woman, don’t thrill to the news that a bearded shemale won the Eurovision song contest, and think that Poland is the country of Poles, and not an outpost of the global village.

Both the Polish ferment and the agony of the entire West assume more defined contours when one adds the two other indispensable catalysts: the media and global banksters. In Poland, mainstream media were as much on the side of “progress” – in this case Civic Platform and its Brussels masters – as they are in every other Western country. Gazeta Wyborcza – Poland’s second largest circulation daily and its equivalent of The New York Times – became an actual, if informal, publicity-promo platform for KOD. It went as far as printing in its December 18 edition, under the title “What to Shout on Saturday?” a list of 73 slogans to be shouted at KOD demonstrations on the next day.

Most other mainstream media, particularly TVN television, were tilted the same way, with broad coverage of KOD and its grievances, but not of PiS and its voters’ grievances. Similarly, American media audiences are inundated by content favorable to illegal immigrants and their lobby but skimpy relative to their opponents, with the same in Europe relative to “refugees.” In addition to the disparity in the amount of coverage, there is a disparity in its tone.

That entire cabal could not function, in Poland or elsewhere, were it not for its wealthy, powerful backers: global finance and its banksters and international bureaucrats. In Poland, that is embodied in the neoliberal banker–economist Ryszard Petru and the grey eminence behind him and much else on the muticulti left in that country and throughout the West: George Soros.

Petru is a prominent figure in KOD demonstrations. That he is the founder of the new progressive Modern party, perceived in Poland as the tow truck rescuing the Civic Platform (PO) party’s smashed wreck, is one thing. What’s more interesting is that Petru is a former employee of the World Bank’s Polish and Hungarian section, Civic Platform government’s liaison to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and longtime close associate of Leszek Balcerowicz – the communist turned-New World Order-economist, later Minister of Finance in the government of a former author of Goebbelsian communist propaganda-turned-Solidarity dissident and Prime Minister, Tadeusz Mazowiecki.


George Soros of the “Open Society”

Balcerowicz implemented the “shock-therapy” program of economic transition from communism to capitalism in 1989, grandfathered by George Soros and authored by a Soros protégé, Jeffrey Sachs. While the program halted strong inflationary pressures, it destroyed state-owned industries and enterprises that were then sold to foreign investors at fire-sale prices, and allowed those investors to expatriate their profits from Poland, too. It generated unemployment and poverty for the rural and blue collar classes – by some reckoning 20 per cent of Poland’s society. It nearly shut down Polish manufacturing and opened the market to an avalanche of imports. That improved the lot of the Polish consumer but worsened the prospects of the Polish worker and Poland’s prospects of attaining economic independence.

The plan was supported by – where have we seen these names before – the World Bank and IMF. Internationally renowned economist and professor of management, Witold Kieżun – 94 years old now, hero of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising and Gulag prisoner – has given many lectures and press interviews in which he called this Soros-Sachs-Balcerowicz creation “gross theft” and “neo-colonialism” in the service of globalization.

We have come full circle –and it’s the same rolling juggernaut that’s destroying the entire West through an alliance between the Left, its imported Third World clients, the dubious princes of international finance and global corporatocracy, the Useful Idiot intelligentsia and the mass media that, between them, they control. It’s no less than what already in 1991 the political scientist Claes Ryn named The New Jacobinism: “an organizing and structuring force in the stream of ideas, sentiments, and practice that is transforming Western Society”.4 The wrecking machine could not be stopped anywhere until Hungary, and now Poland, said “enough”, so now that enormous Rousseauian Golem is trying to crush its largest opponent.

George Soros is a very large iceberg on the path of the independent, traditionalist path of Poland’s Law and Justice government, and indeed, on the path of Poland itself. First, there is his estimated $23 -26 billion net worth, and that’s after he has given away $12 billion, according to a 2015 estimate by Inside Philanthropy. His Open Society Foundation has branches in 37 countries, but the OSF website states that via “a network of foundations, partners, and projects”, it’s active in more than 100 countries.5

Soros tilts the scale in Poland for his “Open Society” via his Stefan Batory Foundation that, in turn, supports a variety of Cultural Marxist groups and initiatives of which the most important may be the “Citizens for Democracy” NGO. It alone has a budget of 37 million euro, financed by grants from Norway – multiculti socialist, needless to say – and Iceland and Liechtenstein. The grants are administered by Soros’s Batory Foundation.

“Citizens for Democracy” doles out its money to organizations that press for the splintering of Poland’s state and social capital via activism against nationalism, patriotism, “racism,” “xenophobia” and “hate speech,” and for the importation of “refugees,” multiculturalism, GLBT, abortion, feminism and various experiments in social engineering. KOD is a natural client of such patrons, though it has not been disclosed how much it receives from Soros operatives directly or through intermediaries such as “Citizens for Democracy.”

Witold Kieżun

Prof. Witold Kieżun, 2013 (see below)

The world’s most successful currency speculator has open delusions of grandeur – he aspires to be the “conscience of the world”6 – though in the peculiar mold of the Frankfurt School and his student-days mentor Karl Popper. He has opined that “One can do a lot more about the issues I care about by changing the government than by pushing the issues”.7 He told the Washington Post in 2003 that he would consider sacrificing his entire fortune to defeat George Bush.8 He is already following the same path to try to defeat Donald Trump, the America-first front runner for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. It’s likely that he is doing just that to defeat the most important agency of European opposition to the Sorosian future of Europe and its civilization.

That is what’s at stake in Poland, and three heavyweights of the United States Senate made no secret of which side they are on. The question is why, particularly for the “conservative” Senator McCain, as Durbin and Cardin are ideological soulmates of George Soros anyway.

It may well be that this Republican “warrior for democracy”, who has fomented multiple conflagrations and empowered murderous mobs in the name of “democratic values”, got bamboozled by Polish “defenders of democracy” just as the entire Republican neocon establishment was hoodwinked by a single wily Arab, convicted bank swindler Ahmed Chalabi, to invade Iraq in search of Chalabi’s fictitious WMDs and “to restore democracy” – but really in order to pull Chalabi’s and Iraq Shias’ chestnuts out of the Sunni fire, unwittingly.

I fear, however, that the political differences I attribute to Mr. McCain versus Cardin and Durbin are just camouflage paint, anyway. The Republican and Democrat establishments may have some differences on taxation and on the special interest groups that fund them and whose go-fers they are. But they are in fundamental agreement about actually suppressing democracy, importing poverty from the Third World in order to raise a new, more pliable electorate that has no organic connection to America’s founding population and its founding values. Either party means to drag America, and to help in the dragging of Europe, away from a government by the people and for the people, and toward a rule by a “progressive” global oligarchy.

Witold Kieżun during the Warsaw Uprising, 1944.

Witold Kieżun during the Warsaw Uprising, 1944.

Is there any doubt why they should be worried by an important Western country suddenly bolting from the harness?

For a taste of what “pro-democracy” mass media do in the “democratic values” West, here are the titles of the reports by the main English news services about the exchange of letters between the three Senators and Poland’s Prime Minister:

U.S. senators urge Poland to respect democracy, rule of law9

Poland angry at criticism from US senators over rule of law10

U.S. Senators Urge Polish Leaders to Uphold Democratic Norms11

The Americans’ letter was posted on Dick Durbin’s senatorial website. The text of Premier Szydło’s reply is nowhere to be found in English; to find it, one has to read Polish. Moreover, the latter’s English language references have omitted its strong points and subsumed everything under headlines that presented the Useful Idiots’ case, or Poland’s “anger,” without any reference to the merits of the PiS government’s actions or responses to its critics.

The soi-disant expert on foreign affairs, Council of Foreign Relations’ Foreign Affairs – an actual megaphone of the New World Order – questioned rhetorically, “Polish Democracy’s Final Days?” in a hit piece titled “Europe’s Autocracy Problem” by R. Daniel Kelemen and Mitchell A. Orenstein.12

“Poland’s new government, led by the nationalist-populist Law and Justice party (PiS), has launched assaults on the country’s judiciary and public media,” opined the dynamic duo, “putting Polish democracy and the rule of law at risk.” The authors stated that “tens of thousands of Poles demonstrated against the government’s illiberal actions,” without mentioning that tens of thousands demonstrated against the demonstrators. Nor did they mention that Europe’s autocracy problem is not in Hungary and Poland but in the European Commission. The latter does not represent the will of the people or peoples of Europe but only that of their ruling elites, mass media manipulators, academia’s brainwashers and international behind-the scenes string pullers like, well, the Council of Foreign Relations and its main princes like Rockefeller, Soros, Pritzker (moneybags for B.H. Obama) and a few others.

The game is afoot.

Max Denken was born and lived until the age of ten in Communist-era Poland. He has since lived or commuted to work (in television) in 26 countries — as of 1969, as an American. Denken has university degrees in Economics, Political Science, Mass Media, and Film. Living in Japan until 2015, under the pen name Takuan Seiyo he wrote extensively in European and U.S. dissident media about the decay of the West as seen from the traditional East. As his native surname has more consonants than vowels, and in either of his ex-Japan home continents the hard Cultural-Marxist Left is in control, and uses it to persecute authors who challenge its totems and taboos, he now writes under a different pen name more indicative of his Central-European roots.


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