Melbourne Man Urges Emma Watson to Practice Her Feminist Multi-Culti Liberalism

cultural enrichment of progressive woman by vibrant diversities

A young woman experiences the joys of cultural enrichment in Western Europe. One can almost feel the liberating empowerment. Hey, at last she’s not racist…

An individual going by the name of Oscar Izard has started a petition urging actress Emma Watson to actually practice the multicultural feminism she advocates. The petition, which can be found on the website, refers to Watson’s recent “tweet” in which she promotes #refugeeswelcome and denounces the United Kingdom as “racist” for not accepting more “refugees”.

In recent decades we have seen a strong co-relationship between feminine moralism and liberal status signalling; celebrities such as Watson have been some of the most vociferous advocates of the kind of politics which has increasingly found itself at war with the reality it has created.

What is happening now in the metropolises of Western Europe, where well intentioned but utterly clueless women effectively welcome their rapists into the heartland of European Civilisation, illustrates in the most ironically brutal way that it is not us reactionaries who are on the wrong side of history.

emma watson feminist

Now conveniently labeled, just to avoid any confusion. Hear her roar!

Any amplification of the idiotic status signalling that dominates the liberal discourse on immigration and women’s right will only move popular consciousness further to the point at which progressive and multicultural politics finally bankrupts, and implodes.

The petition, of course, will achieve nothing. But for status signalling celebrities sensitive to outright ridicule, online chatter of this sort can be useful in highlighting an example of what saner people should avoid: the Emma Watsons of the Western world are in fact the greatest threat to our civilisation because their feel-good zero-accountability brain-farts have created the cultural backdrop against which we see the current degeneracy unfold. We welcome any calls, on any platform, which demand that pampered princesses who denounce our “ignorance” should themselves be forced to enjoy the benefits of their choices which they now impose upon us.

– SydneyTrads Editors

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