Quote of the Week: Julius Evola, “Heathen Imperium”

Julius Evola

Julius Evola - traditionalism is the most revolutionary ideology of our timeBesides, as we have already stated, although we assert uncompromisingly the necessity of hierarchy, we maintain that this hierarchy should be built dynamically and freely, through natural relations of individual intensity. This is how primitive aristocracies formed – where a supernatural principle did not impose them directly – not by election and recognition from below, but by direct self-assertion by individuals capable of resistance, of responsibility, of heroic, generous, vast and dangerous life, of which the others were not capable. It is the ‘test of fire’: what terrorises and breaks some, makes those who withstand it into leaders, to whom the masses naturally and freely subject themselves and give obedience – so long as others, even stronger, do not appear, whose right and dignity the former leaders will be the first to recognise, without resentment or envy, but loyalty, militarily.

▪ Julius Evola, Heathen Imperium Rowan Berkeley (trans.), (Thompkins & Cariou, 2007 [1933]) extract from page 73. [Caveat: this is a translation from the German edition, which was itself originally translated from the author’s Italian text. The German edition allegedly contains editorial interpolations that were unauthorised by the author. For more, see Evola’s The Path of Cinnabar (Integral Tradition Publishing, 2009 [1963])]

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