Brendan Eich’s “Brave” Web-Browser

brave software buttonIn late February this year, we called out to the technosphere of neoreaction with a plea to urgently create alternative social media platforms so that the specter of the ‘great shuttening’ can be circumvented by the dissident right. Despite some within this community claiming that projects are presently on foot to address precisely this, there does not seem to be any solution to the FaceBook/Twitter hegemony on the immediate horison. The search-result algorythmic ‘fiddling’ at Google has also vexed many of us who see the progressive narrative constantly reinforced, often in ways that are undetectable unless one knows what to look for. We hope that a competitive suit of platforms and programmes will eventually reclaim the internet for the arena of free expression it was originally designed to be. And we hope this happens sooner rather than later.

In the mean time, we mention Brendan Eich’s new web-browser: Brave. Many of us will recall the manner in which Eich, the founder of Mozilla, was forced to “resign” after social justice warriors online lead a campaign to destroy him when it was revealed that he donated a modest sum of money to a pro marriage campaign in the US. More details about this campaign can be found in Vox Day’s SJW Always Lie. The indignity that Eich had to suffer at the hands of online thugs — who Twitter seems to tolerate, despite its protestations against harassment supposedly committed by conservative activists such as Milo Yinnopoulus — has become paradigmatic. We are happy therefore to recommend Brave to our readers and supporters. This new project has the potential to become a solid alternative to the other web-browsers that are currently popular among ‘net users. The browser boasts of blocking trackers (pixels and cookies) and third party ‘malvertisements’. Essentially, its a web-browser that is stripped off all superfluous plugins, and prides itself on it speed, privacy and user safety.

The unworthy tried to destroy a decent man’s career – here is an opportunity for us to help him rebuild his professional life, and have the last laugh in the process.

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  1. There’s more to it. The plan is to evolve it such that the adblocker can be set to allow ads where users get a share of the ad revenue as bitcoin.

    This will make it grow exponentially. Free money for using a particular browser is irresistible value added.

    Advertisers who want to advertise on this platform (where they pay both website and user) will have to go through Brendan Eich.

    In theory Eich may become the internet’s revenue gatekeeper.

    Since Facebook, twitter, Google etc all depend on advertising for their corporate survival things may get interesting

  2. Although I found your website some time ago, being neither Australian or particularly young I had forgotten about you until a few days ago.

    Delighted I found you again and having downloaded Brave to my phone, I have now saved you as a favourite.

    I hope to be able to download Brave to my work computer too and to be coming back to your website for useful information and guidance.

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    Interesting story here of a victim of social justice warfare and his browser . . .

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