Quote of the Week: Jonathan Bowden, “Western Civilization Bites Back”

j_bowden-flagIf you look at mass popular culture, the heroic is still alive. It’s still alive in junk films, in comic books, in forms that culturally elitist society and intellectuals disprivilege.

Why the heroic treated at this level? Because liberalism can’t deal with the heroic. It doesn’t have a space for it in its ideology, so it decants it.

Nothing can be destroyed. Liberals think that they’ve destroyed the ideas in this room, but they haven’t. They’ve just displaced them into other areas. And they’ve found new ways to come up, and new syntheses to emerge.

▪ Jonathan Bowden, Western Civilization Bites Back Greg Johnson (ed.) (Counter-Currents, 2014) extract from page 94.

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