Quote of the Week: Enoch Powell, “Freedom and Reality”

The methods which revolutionaries, thus turned conservative, adopt are much the same everywhere in every age. The student of history might find a wry interest in watching those methods being applied once again here and now. As usual, the least dangerous of those methods are the most obvious. Obviously almost every single act of this administration not only transfers to the state from individuals some piece of ownership, some right of decision, but creates new instruments of control and power. But these instruments – these statutory powers, these commissions, boards, authorities, these arbitrary influences exercised so often without legal authority at all – are in themselves inert and unprotected until they can be surrounded with entrenchments and fortifications, manned by resolute defenders.

These fortifications we see rising before our eyes; these forces we see being enlisted.

Power and patronage are at work. The very representatives of capitalism and free enterprise, the most distinguished exponents of material or financial markets, those who have attained eminence  by using successfully the very mechanisms of individual decision and free choice which Socialism aims to destroy, are persuaded to collaborate in the work.

▪ J Enoch Powell, Freedom and Reality (Arlington House, 1969) extract from page 42.

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