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TFP Lecture: Why the Left Always Seems to Win

tradition-family-property-standardYesterday, members of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum attended a lecture organised by the Tradition Family Property organisation on the topic of ‘Why the left always seems to win’ subtitled, ‘the left’s secret weapon: revolutionary psychological warfare.’

The lecture was hosted by Valdis Grinsteins who has been a full time TFP member since 1980. Mr. Grinsteins originally hails from Venezuela but has also worked with TFP chapters and groups in a number of countries across the globe. He is presently based in Poland and has helped set up a number of new TFP associations throughout Eastern Europe, notably the Baltic Republics. Mr. Grinsteins is a member of the Research Unit of the Polish Piotr Skarga Cultural Institute and is fluent in several languages.

The central question of the evening was ‘why is it that the Left always seems to come out on top in the culture wars?’ The presenter asked why is it, despite the heroic efforts by so many conservatives and traditionalists over the last several decades, that traditional institutions, customs, morality and culture fall before the relentless onslaught of the forces of Revolution and chaos? Why are we unable to prevent this? Does the Left have some trick, technique, or ‘magic’, that enables them to carry the day, no matter what we do to resist them? Are we missing something? Mr. Grinsteins submitted these important and challenging questions for the audience’s consideration and suggested way in which this dilemma could be dealt with in the twenty-first century by men of courage. ‘If we grasp the nature of revolutionary psychological warfare’ has stated, ‘and know how to counter it, we will have in our hands an effective answer to one of the Left’s best kept secrets.’

The Sydney Traditionalists are grateful for the opportunity to increase the scope of our educational mission by closely cooperating and supporting kindred fraternities such as Tradition Family Property. We thank the TFP for extending an invitation to our members for this event, and we look forward to working together in the future. Those who are interested in these events should contact us or the TFP for more information on upcoming functions.

– SydneyTrads Editors

SydneyTrads is the internet portal and communication page of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum, an association of individuals who form part of the Australian paleoconservative, “traditionalist conservative” and “independent right”.

3 comments on “TFP Lecture: Why the Left Always Seems to Win

  1. Stephen Green
    19 September 2013

    The meeting outline above ended, just as it seemed close to revealing something important. What “revolutionary psychological warfare”?

    What is useful is that we have an untapped global network of thousands of people, separated in the internet age only by language. It is a trans-national force of intellect, creativity and specialization that we do little to utilize. It would also act as a bonding mechanism and supportive global movement.

    • SydneyTrads
      19 September 2013

      Mr. Green,

      You are quite correct. The meeting could have gone on for much longer as we explored other and related topics of interest. It didn’t seem we had quite enough time to do justice to what is obviously a very complicated topic. There is a need for these functions; clearly they fill a need that is not being catered for by other groups. Hopefully, the good people at Tradition Family and Property will be organising other similar lectures in the near and distant future.

  2. Raymond de Souza
    13 September 2013

    I’m happy to learn about the TFP talk in Sydney. Aussies need more of this kind of information. I am happy that Tony Abbot won, there may be some improvement in sight. I still call Australia home.

    God bless,

    Raymond de Souza, KM

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