Quote of the Week: Fabian Tassano, “Mediocracy”

Fabian TassanoThe true test of an ideology’s hegemony is the degree to which its enemies feel they can criticise it on its terms, or oppose it only by relinquishing their original principles. In this way, mediocracy’s would be opponents become implicit defenders of the status quo.

There are two preferred positions for the enemies of mediocracy. They can reinforce the mediocratic position by demonstrating a complete lack of self belief. ‘Don’t support us’, they imply, ‘we are not worthy’. Alternatively, they can play by the prevailing ideological rules, and compete by offering a more aggressive brand of mediocracy, with emphasis on authoritarianism and/or military activity. Either way, the dominance of mediocracy is reinforced.

▪ Fabian Tassano, Mediocracy – Inversions and Deceptions in an Egalitarian Culture (Oxford Forum, 2006) extract from page 58.

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