Quote of the Week: Vox Day, “SJWs Always Lie”

Vox Day

Theodore Beale (aka Vox Day) lead editor at Castalia House and author of “SJWs Always Lie” (2016)

This tendency to project their own thoughts, feelings and tendencies on others can be one of the normal individual’s most powerful weapon against the SJW. The accusations made by SJWs when they attack others usually reflect, on some level, something they know to be true about themselves. An SJW with creepy tendencies will tend to accuse others of sexual harassment. One who is unsettled in his sexual orientation will often accuse others of homophobia. Female SJWs who feel inferior will accuse men of sexism. And since they are all habitual liars, SJWs find it almost impossible to believe that anyone is ever telling the truth.

▪ Vox Day, SJWs Always Lie (Castalia House, 2016) extract from page 49.

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