Quote of the Week: Evan Sayet, “The Kindergarten of Eden”

evan sayetThe Modern Liberal was born into a life as close to paradise as any human being since God first created man. Having come of age in or after the 1960s, virtually everything that virtually every other human being, in literally every other time and in literally every other place, had had to think about – at its most basic, how to avoid things like disease, hunger, poverty and physical pain – had all but been eradicated just prior to the Modern Liberal’s entry into the sentient world.


From the dawn of time until the dawn of the Modern Liberal era people had had to think – they had had to use their intellect in order to discover and then practice the better ways – because being wrong came with the potential for dire consequences. For millions and millions born in America after the Second World War, with these potential consequences all but eliminated, thinking became a relic, their mind nearly as unneeded and unused as their appendix.

▪ Evan Sayet, The Kindergarden of Eden – How the Modern Liberal Thinks and Why He’s Convinced that Ignorance is Bliss (CreateSpace, 2012) extract from pages 29 and 31 respectively.

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