The Year in Review: 2017, Year of the Hate Hoax, the Heckler’s Veto and the Persecuted ‘Oppressor’

Issues relating to identity and tribalism seemed to dominate cultural and political developments throughout 2017, whether explicitly or implicitly, at home and abroad. As the United States continues to dominate the currents of popular culture in the West, most of these noteworthy events initially occurred there – their ripples were however felt at home, reluctantly in some cases, gratefully in others. Europe too, was the source of promise as well as cause of lament for trends that our political class is evidently committed to ignore. In all, this appeared to be the year of extremes.

Example of Cultural Marxist narratives in the print media.

From the perspective of culture and national identity, this was the year when people of European descent the world over were informed that they cannot take credit for the achievements of their ancestors, but must all atone for the sins of their forefathers; it was the year when colour-blindness was deemed ‘racist’, following closely after the year when not being colour-blind was ‘racist’. 2017 was the year of Schrodinger’s ethnicity: Whites apparently exist as an identifiable category if they are being attacked, mocked, ridiculed or blamed for something, but also do not exist as a legitimate category of self-identification when a representative defends their interests as a group. This was the year when “It’s OK to be White” was deemed outrageous rhetoric, but “I hate White People” could be published on social media with impunity and without any adverse consequences. Of course, this was also the year when mainstream conservatives and progressives alike (but we repeat ourselves) were reduced to scalp scratching cluelessness at the continued attraction of identitarian politics among “people of Whiteness”. It was the year when those targeted by the Cultural Marxist left learned to punch back because establishment conservatives consistently, over decades past, failed in their political mission.

Anti-White narratives in the online media. Click image to enlarge.

This was the year that the left openly continued to agitate for the demographic transformation of Western societies, and the year that mainstream conservatives continued to pretend that changing demographics were irrelevant, if only the newcomers – from all over the globe – could be convinced of the benefits of North Western European “values” as well as their cultural and behavioural norms. This was the year of iconoclasm, from ISIS occupied Palmyra to the formerly Confederate South, and thanks to the highly original thought and vision of our own ‘progressives’ in Australia, an iconoclasm that was almost visited on our statues of James Cook here as well. It was the year when radio stations were denounced ‘racist’ for featuring Australian Rock on Australia Day, the year when the annual celebration was vacated by various councils in Victoria, and the year that conservatives remained mystified how and why an increasingly multicultural society didn’t quite care.

This has been the year when goodthinking progressive intellectuals have spared no efforts in sabotaging the democratic outcomes of Brexit, the US Presidential election, Hungary’s continued championing of traditional Western Civilizational norms, and the Polish government’s anti-communist reform agenda, all in the name of democracy and fairness. This was the year when even the Chinese recognised the pathological altruism and cultural suicide of the “White Left”, with the popularisation of Baizuo (白左) as a derogatory term on the Sino-sphere – a conveniently embarrassing accompaniment to yesteryear’s cuckservative. With the media driven moral panics associated with the rise of populist nationalism abroad, it has been the year of the “Hate Hoax”, where, after investigation, ostensibly racist and bigoted graffiti and vandalism was found to have been perpetrated by agent provocateurs of assorted victim groups: black supremacists, members of the alphabet community, and even a prepubescent living in Israel.

A scene from Australia’s House of Representatives: the state of democracy today: sentimental, emotional, feminine, weak.

You cannot compromise with a radical agenda. If only “conservatives” realised this.

In Australia, 2017 has been the year of the great inversion and great disappointment. It has been the year when raising an objection to the underlying ideology of same-sex ‘marriage’ and the ‘safe schools programme’ was proven to be more personally and professionally risky than to ‘come out’ as ‘gay. It was the year that local landmarks were renamed to remove the memory of those who held the wrong opinions, such as Margaret Court; the year that large corporations were forced to withdraw their support to the campaign to prevent the redefinition of ‘family’, and forced through activist pressure to fund the opposing side, such as Coopers; the year that monopoly entities boasted of their involvement in the campaign to legalise same-sex ‘marriage’, such as Telstra; the year that companies disinvited or even banned people from using their services if they held the wrong opinions on the issue, such as Quantas. It was the year those on the side of coercion lambasted a meek and pathetic conservative opposition for being “hateful” and “divisive”, and the year when that conservative opposition struggled to be heard, organised no rallies, no pickets, no public spectacles and no counter boycotts of their own. Hopeless.

Lyle Shelton, of the Australian Christian Lobby.

Compare this to our cousins in the United States in 2017: This was the year when American football converged with the race-huckster social justice propaganda complex, and saw its ratings crash through active, vocal and visual counter-lobbying. It was also the year when Kellogg’s pulled its advertising from Breitbart, before Breitbart declared a boycott of their products, causing Kellogg’s sales to stagnate, its corporate jobs needing to be cut and the company CEO having to be forced to step down. This was the year when Australian reactionaries realised that our leadership was a pale shadow of what it should be, and what it could be; it was the year when our prior criticisms of establishmentarian boomer conservatism was vindicated in the most spectacular way.

This was the year when opponents of same-sex ‘marriage’ in Australia handed over their cause to the Religious Right under the banner of Lyle Shelton’s Australian Christian Lobby, which seemed more concerned about not offending anyone than winning – the quintessential attitude of the house-conservative loser. This was an obviously suicidal move considering that the operational environment was (and remains) overwhelmingly secular, and not at all susceptible to stodgy “rational” arguments of the sock-&-sandal brigade. This was the year when high profile pseudo-reactionary talking heads in the press welcomed and accepted the predictable results of the “democratic” outcome, such as Miranda Devine, and claiming that it proved Australia was no nation of bigots, such as Andrew Bolt.

Christopher Pyne, Government Minister.

Thus, this was the year that Australia normalised paraphilia by redefining “marriage” and “family” under federal law, with effectively little to no real opposition in the public square. This was the year when proponents of the “reform” claimed that it would have nothing to do with children and that people claiming the slippery slope were paranoid “bigots”. Less than one day after the legalisation was passed, the national multicultural broadcaster, SBS published an opinion that “now we need LGBTQI+- inclusive sexuality education in schools.” It was the year that the ABC started advocating for “more Australian trans stories”, effectively promoting brain damaging hormone therapy and genital mutilation to minors, and seemingly oblivious to its previous lauding of two paedophiles as a model family. Yea shall know them by their fruit – a pox on both their houses.

This has been the year when Christopher Pyne’s twitter account was allegedly hacked and used to ‘like’ an explicitly gay pornographic video online; Senator Bernardi of this year’s newly established Australian Conservatives responded by giving the Minister the “benefit of the doubt” but also demanded that “we need to know how deep and far this penetration has been.” Indeed, it was the year that the new Australian Conservatives ran in their first election, in Bennelong, and failed to obtain even 4.5% of the electorate that voted No in the same-sex postal survey, failed to dent the mainstream celebrity candidate Liberal-National Coalition incumbent’s voting bloc, and succeeded in only taking votes from another minor party, the Christian Democrats. This is a worrying start to a movement that promised to rock the establishment boat, but whose presence so far has had little impact.

Senator Sam Dastyari.

This was the year of the citizenship fiasco in federal politics, when a plethora of Senators and MPs were found to have been ineligible for election to public office due to their evident but unknown dual citizenship status; the year Senator Sam Dastyari was finally exposed as a Chinese hack in our political process; the year when Pauline Hanson wore a burka to parliament; the year when Andrew Bolt was attacked by an anarchist in public, and to his credit had the courage to fight back. It was the year that former boxer Tony Abbott was assaulted in public, did not fight back, and hid not take any political advantage from the event. This was the year Abbott didn’t vote against the aforementioned law to legalise same sex marriage (of course, we’re not surprised). At least he still has his “personal values” – we’ll be generous enough to give him the benefit of the doubt.

This was the year that diversity bollards started to proliferate on boulevards, streets and malls in major Australian cities. This was the year that these bollards were unable to stop Saeed Noori from mowing down people in Flinders Street, Melbourne, in a car. It was also the year that authorities, dutifully aided and abetted by the mainstream press, claimed that the motive for the attack was unknown, possibly related to “mental illness”, yet the Sun Herald revealed that Noori gave a rant about Islam and ASIO to authorities after being arrested. It was the year that we all had to pretend that the rising anarcho-tyranny at home would not change our way of life, just as “values conservatives” continued to boast about the virtue of preserving a culture that evidently cannot survive the current values of our dominant political establishment.

A scene from the Flinders Street, Victoria “car attack”.

Ajit Varadaraj Pai, Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission.

2017 was the year that Donald Trump’s appointed FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai commenced the rollback of “net neutrality”, thus ending Obama era internet provider regulations and leaving online access regulations to the market. It was also the year of the Google Memo, or to give it its full title: Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber, written by a male employee who argued that representational disparity between men and women in the company might not be due to ideological notions of ‘sexism’ but simply due to inherent differences between the sexes that militate in favour of male predominance in the technology sector. The author of the memo, James Damore, was, of course, fired. In a premonition of things to come, Google’s doodle-art for “coexist” earlier in the year did not feature a single normal White male character. This was also the year that Google “quarantined” – as part of its campaign against “hate” and “extremism” – a video released by the Polish government about the European migrant crisis. Expectantly, this was the year of the continued albeit slow rise of the AltMedia, with and WrongThink becoming more appealing as Cultural Marxist censorship made its presence felt on online platforms formerly dedicated to free-speech and free-thought.

James Damore, formerly of Google.

This was the year that ‘cultural appropriation’, a theory whereby Caucasian people are berated for wearing or assuming features that originated from among non-Caucasian cultures, became aggressively targeted on university campuses and elsewhere by ersatz multiculturalists and self-professed ‘anti-racists’. It was also the year when the US Vice President was publically berated by the cast of Hamilton, an entirely non-White group of actors ‘LARPing’ as early North American settlers… in English… on a Broadway stage. It was the year that prominent male feminist celebrities, starting with Harvey Weinstein, were exposed in a domino effect of sexual harassment, molestation and assault accusations that spilled out of Hollywood and into the casting couches, greenrooms and silver screens of Europe and even Australia. This was the year that alleged “racists” were more deplorable than actual sexual predators on social media, and that rapist were more tolerated in Hollywood than conservatives. Evidently, this was the year that irony died.

Julian Paul Assange, Australian hacker and founder of Wikileaks.

This was the year that the mainstream kept claiming that online rightist dissident was and remains negligible and has no real impact on public opinion or electoral outcomes, and it was also the year when the ‘Alternative Right’ was amusingly accused of using leaked NATO psychological warfare tactics to spread its message — its was thus denounced as irrelevant and hyper-meta-political at the same time. If the Alternative Right did in fact meme Donald Trump into office, then this was the year that the mainstream press memed the Alternative Right towards full-bore National Socialism online. 2017 was the year when social media platforms claimed that they could ban any user they wished since they were private enterprises, yet, oddly enough, it was also the year when private businesses were coerced into providing their services to customers whose patronage they did not want. This was the year when social media platforms called on political and cultural dissenters to create their own platforms if they didn’t like it, and the year that dissenters did precisely that and had shortly thereafter their apps blocked from mainstream distribution. This was the year that accounts connected to neoreaction were tagged with a caution for “potentially sensitive content” but pornographic accounts were open to the public without warning. This was the year of the Great Twitter Purge, which was scheduled for 18 December, the anniversary of the birth of Joseph Stalin; the year when the twitter account of Julian Assange was deactivated not long after it tweeted about Seth Rich; the year Generation Identity was deleted, presumably because the only identity that European people are permitted to have must be connected to sexual fixations and meaningless consumerist fads; the year that accounts associated with Islamists and black supremacists were unaffected, able to broadcast without censorship or sanction.

Jordan B. Peterson, Canadian academic.

This was the year of the ‘hecklers veto’, where conservative and populist speakers were routinely de-platformed due to threats of violence from self-described anti-fascists; when institutions dedicated to free thinking and inquiry showed a remarkable willingness to accommodate the demands of those threatening them with violence and affray, but showed no enthusiasm for protecting the free speech and associational rights of the victimised. It was the year that the progressivism ate itself on campus and the year when the left’s Frankenstein monster finally came to life: the year when old-Marxist academics were targeted for personal and professional destruction by a youth vanguard of militant intersectionalists. It was the year that hyper-politicised sexual fetishists enforced totalitarian speech-code provisions coercing people to use the ‘preferred pronouns’ of the mentally ill and emotionally deranged. Perhaps predictably, this was the year that saw academics as disparate as Jordan B. Peterson and Camille Paglia form a united intellectual front against campus administrations’ tyrannical bureaucratic nonsense.

Donald Trump greets supporters at a rally, 2016.

US Supreme Court Judge, Neil Gorsuch.

This was the year when Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45 President of the United States of America, on a populist nationalist platform to reassert US borders, protect it from Islamist terror and reinvigorate its domestic economy. This was the year that Judge Neil Gorsuch was nominated to the US Supreme Court. It was the year that Trump’s presidential order banning immigration from selected countries – a list prepared by the administration of his predecessor Barak Obama – was systematically overturned or interfered with on the grounds of alleged unconstitutionality by a politicised federal judiciary. This was the year that the Supreme Court ultimately reinstated the operation of that travel ban while further challenges were being made to it by a political class incapable of coming to terms with the fact that the first female US Presidential candidate was defeated by a man who represented everything ‘Progress’ hates and despises. This was the year that prototypes of the Great Wall of Trump were displayed, but – as we are reminded regularly by Ann Coulter – construction of the Wall itself had not yet commenced. It was the year that fears of US economic and financial disaster did not eventuate and the year that US foreign policy ended its recent tradition of acquiescence in the face of hostile international actors. This was the year that George W. Bush called Donald J. Trump a liar – yes, seriously.

Victim of the racialist “AltLeft”. Not a member of a protected class; not a hate crime.

This was the year of the far-left riot and its mainstream press apologists. This was the year that hanging an AntiFa flag in a store-front window would be necessary to protect it from demolition during “anti-fascist protests” and the year when a US President cast the spotlight on the “AltLeft” for its criminal thuggery and vandalism. It was the year when the press, celebrities and cultural commentators routinely and incessantly denounced supporters of President Trump and the President himself as “racists” and “bigots” who have “divided” society and heightened levels racial acrimony. Yet this was also the year that a group of black supremacists kidnaped a young disabled man, tortured and taunted him with racial epithets referencing Trump, streamed the event live on Facebook, but had their hate crime charges dropped by a Chicago judge. This was the year that an illegal immigrant – five times deported from the US, with seven prior felony convictions, in jail for 24 hours prior to shooting and killing a young White woman with a stolen weapon, was acquitted of murder by a jury of “his peers”. This was the year when liberal and progressive pundits shed fewer tears over the killing of Kathryn Steinle than Cecil the Lion, the year that Minneapolis police remove memorial to Australian Justine Damond, who was killed by Somali affirmative-action-hire police officer Mohammed Noor, on the grounds that the memorial was “disgusting” and “racist”. As at the publication of this summary, no charges have yet been laid against Noor. This was the year when shrines were erected (to the victims of alleged racism) and torn down (to the victims of diversity).

Kathryn Steinle. She had dreams too. But they don’t count.

This was the year that obese anarchist Heather Heyer died of a cardiac arrest at a Charlottesville riot, as a crowd she was participating in mobbed the car of a Southern Identitarian activist, James Fields, who attended a legal rally to protest the removal of Confederate monuments. The protester’s car was attacked and pursued by the mob, from which he was trying to escape, yet this was the year that Fields was charged with first degree murder for that death, even though video footage did not show his car making any contact with the deceased, but did show a mob attacking the car with blunt weapons.

This year Newsweek claimed that saying “Merry Christmas” is racist, Mother Jones declared that air was racist, Democracy: A Journal of Ideas argued that the solar eclipse was racist, The Atlantic claimed that sending non-White children to bilingual schools is racist, a US “College Writing Center” declared that grammar is racist, The Journal of Urban Mathematics in Education held that mathematics is racist, Pomona College students declared that “Truth” is a “tool of White supremacy”, a Professor at Drexel University who stated that massacring Whites would be “a good thing indeed” was sacked, and then hired by New York University, an administrator at the University of Colorado expressed a concern that White children may “forfeit their humanity” if they weren’t raised to be sufficiently progressive, a campus newspaper declared to Whites that “your DNA is an abomination”, and articles that bemoan the environmental impact of overpopulation routinely feature pictures of Caucasian babies – this, despite the fact that overpopulation is a problem of the Third World and Western European derived nations are all suffering demographic collapse. This was the year when the “whiteness journal” Whiteness and Education mysteriously went dark after its fraudulent peer review process was exposed online by conservative and libertarian amateur investigative journalists. This was the year when Huffington Post endorsed the concept of “White Wounding”, the year when the University of Michigan started teaching its employees how to “deal with their Whiteness” and the year when the US “Women’s March” started to viciously attack White women as the source of the world’s problems. This was the year that the phenomenon of leftist projection theory became more obvious among the left itself, and when intersectionality became, in its own parlance, problematic.

Stephen Scalise, United States House of Representatives Majority Whip. The first attempted political assassination by the “AltLeft” in the “Age of Trump”.

This was the year that black supremacist Kendrex White murdered Harrison Brown at the University of Texas, precipitating absolutely no riots or protests or public expressions of collective goodness from celebrities and cultural elites; the year that Emanuel Kidega Samson, a Sudanese immigrant to the US, machine gunned White church attendees in Nashville, allegedly as retaliation for a racist church shooting in Charleston two years earlier, also apparently not touching the hearts of the otherwise ready-to-mourn-publicly; the year of the largest mass shooting in US history, in Las Vegas, where a multitude of questions remained unanswered, not least of which included the shooter’s motive, and which the media strangely does not seem to have any interest in pursuing. This was the year of the attempted assassination of Republican House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise by a fanatical Bernie Sanders supporter and volunteer, who reportedly asked who the Republicans were before opening fire. This was the year when Devin Kelly, who from a perusal of his social media profile was a militant atheist, avid CNN reader, social justice advocate, and supporter of the Sanders campaign, murdered 26 White church attendees in a mass shooting at Sutherland Springs. Strangely, the press and prominent AltLeft social media commentators took to referring to him as a “white identity extremist”. This was the year that Trump supporters were literally chased down and beaten by mobs of enraged leftists before, during and after the President’s inauguration; the year when celebrities featured the killing of President Trump in public theatre, prominent photography, music video and stand-up comedy. This was the year when the press continued to call Trump supporters ‘violent’, and continued to call their assailants ‘protesters’.

Australian Justine Damond, victim of police shooting.

This was the year when a man was shot to death by a sadistic police officer, Philip Brailsford, after holding his arms in the air as instructed by that police officer, and begged, sobbing, not to be killed. No riots followed this travesty of justice. No celebrities virtue signaled publicly in his name. That man, Daniel Shaver, was not a member of a protected ethnic, sexual or religious class: he was an American of European heritage. This was the year when the US President was denounced as a bigot for retweeting a genuine video of an actual event in which Europeans were targeted with violence by recent Middle Eastern and North African immigrants and their descendants; the year when the original publishers of the video, which authenticity was never challenged, were expelled from Twitter for doing so. 2017 was the year when the social impropriety of noticing was deemed more morally heinous than the criminality being noticed.

Vatican Walls: did they ever serve a function, what could it possibly have been, and was is particularly… Christian… to build them?

This was the year that Jose Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) lectured the US President, from behind the medieval fortifications of his own home, that Christians don’t build walls; the year that he lectured the people of Europe that it was un-Christian to oppose the continued tsunami of Afro-Arabian Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa into (what was once) the heartland of Christendom. This was the year when a group of Catholic scholars issued a Filial Correction to Bergoglio concerning his continued propagation of heresy. As the year comes to a close, there is no evidence to suggest that that Correction was so much as read by its intended audience.

Pope Francis. Apparently.

This was the year for the “car attack”, “van attack”, attacks by “men” and “youths”, attacks that are “random”, committed by the “mentally disturbed” or “loan wolves” all over Western Europe, attacks that have no other common feature, or so we are told, and so we are supposed to believe. This was the year that CGTN reported that Europe has faced a terror attack on average every week. It was the year when London’s Pakistani Mayor, Sadiq Aman Khan declared that terrorism is part of living in a large multicultural city. This was the year when UK Labour MP Naseem “Naz” Shah endorsed the statement that victims of sexual predation should “shut their mouths for the good of diversity”, a year after UK Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by the Briton she betrayed by promoting and advocating on behalf of that diversity at his and his people’s expense. This was the year when a homeless war veteran known as “George” died hours after being evicted from his squat in London; the year when Elaine Morrall, a British mother of four, died in her home she couldn’t afford to heat because her welfare was cut off for missing an interview with officials; the year when Saeed and Sayida Khaliif, a Somali family that has not worked since gaining entrance into the UK in 2008, was moved from its £2 million council house and moved into another valued at £1.3 million. This was the year when a victim of the on-going Islamic grooming abuse was taken to court for racial abuse of her abuser, while the abuser’s sexual abuse of her was not investigated by UK authorities. This was the year when almost four thousand people were arrested in the UK for posting “offensive” online comments. This was the year when the UK political and cultural elites learned nothing.

This was the year when courts throughout enlightened Western Europe released perpetrators of rape and sexual assault due to concerns about cultural sensitivity, from Austria to Germany to Sweden. This was the year when in Europe, children could be taken away from their parents if those parents held the wrong political opinion or religious conviction. This was the year that Sweden reversed the onus of proof in sexual assault cases to the defence, effectively making sex prima facie illegal. This was the year when French authorities contracted a Los Angeles based artist, Cleon Peterson, who appears to have a fetish for Black-on-White genocidal art, to paint a floor mural at bottom of the Eiffel Tower depicting an orgy. This was the year that the Eiffel tower had to be surrounded by bullet proof Plexiglas, when the French authorities announced the deployment over a hundred thousand additional police and military personnel to ensure public safety during holiday festivities. This was the year that France removed a cross from a public monument to Pope John Paul II and Germany erected crescents in public playgrounds to accommodate the sensitivities of its “new” inhabitants. This was the year that “diversity bollards” started to appear everywhere, in European, American and Australian cities. This was the year when authorities reluctantly admitted that almost all of the “refugees” admitted to Europe remained unemployed and were, therefore, were effectively unemployable. It was also the year when the mantra of “diversity is strength” and the alleged economic benefits of mass immigration continued to be parroted with increased vigour, gusto and frequency by the usual suspects without compunction or shame.

Presidents Viktor Orbán of Hungary and Andrzej Duda of Poland.

This was the year of Donald Trump’s euphoric reception in Warsaw where he delivered a speech which will no doubt go down in history as a call to Western civilizational renewal, a return to Christian faith and national pride. It was the year when the annual 11 November march in Poland commemorating that country’s resurrection after 128 years of partition and the end of the First World War – attended by patriotic citizens, independent community organisations, Church groups and political representatives – was declared “fascist” and “nazi” by the Western progressive press and the European Union. This was the year when the European Union Parliament was offered the opportunity to debate the South African farm murders, but refused to do so. We emphasis this again: the EU Parliament refused to even debate this on-going human rights issue.

Yes, nationalism is possible without Nazioid LARPing

President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

2017 was the year Emanuel Macron – former international finance banker lauded as an anti-establishmentarian populist outsider, was elected President of the French upteenth-republic; when Angela Merkel was declared “leader of the free world”, the year she decided to retire from politics, and then decided not to, and then couldn’t form a functioning government at the end of 2017; the year when Xi Jinping assumed the title of “Chairman”, last held by Mao himself; when President Donald Trump bestowed upon Kim Jong-un the title of “Rocketman”; the year when Poland’s democratically elected national conservative government’s popular programme of vetting her judicial and bureaucratic apparatus of former communist apparatchiks was denounced regularly as undemocratic and totalitarian by such paragons of virtue as EU Kommisars, John McCain and the Atlantic Council. This was the year when Poland’s Premier Beata Szydło called on Europe to “get off its knees” or else it would continue to lament the murder of its children. This was the year when she was replaced by Mateusz Morawiecki, touted to be more accommodating to Brussels but who has shown no desire to change his nation’s pro-independence and pro-nationalist course.

Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel.

This was the year when Hungary launched a campaign against George Soros’ agitation and interference with its internal affairs; the year when Viktor Orbán renewed his call to defend Europe’s Christian heritage and traditions; the year when Hungary declared that it would stand with Poland and oppose any measures taken by Brussels to place sanctions on Warsaw for its refusal to comply with Eurocrat demands. This was the year that the founder of the Alternative Right, Richard Spencer called Poland an “artificial country”. This was the year when the Freedom Party entered into a governing coalition in Austria, moving the country politically towards the Visegrad Group. Interestingly, it was also the year when the EU didn’t seek to sanction the country, as it did in 2000, suggesting that his was the year that reactionary and far right politics in Europe evidently entered the mainstream.

Poland’s incoming Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki.

2017 was the year when Western intellectuals’ favourite Soviet/Chinese backed anti-imperialist, Robert Mugabe was replaced by a somewhat more palatable protégé — the year of Zimbabwe’s velvet coup, which may transform the country formerly known as Rhodesia into one that is a little less unwelcoming to its foundational people and therefore a lot more economically stable and prosperous in the coming years; it was the year that ISIS was finally crushed in Syria, and when Christians in the Middle East could celebrate Christmas for the first time since the region was touched by the oh-so-Christian Bush led campaigns of “liberation” and “democracy” promotion. This was the year when zoos in Venezuela were raided by the public for food, and when a North Korean soldier was machine gunned while trying to escape over into the South in scenes reminiscent of a Hollywood action film. This was the year of the failed Scottish secession, the failed Catalan secession, the stalled secession of Eastern Ukraine, the expansion of China into its southern seas, the firing of North Korean missiles over Japan, the largest Russian military exercises to be held in Eastern Europe, and the enhanced militarisation of NATO’s eastern flank. This was the year of continued decline for enlightened Western Europe, the rapid renaissance of the former Eastern Bloc states and the ascent for undemocratic authoritarian China. Thankfully, our country is in good hands: this was the year that the Australian Defence Force ceased to recruit males to assist in achieving its military gender quotas.

It was, to put it rather euphemistically, an eventful time, and one that we hope witnessed the sowing of seeds of Western renewal that will grow and come to fruition over the coming decade. We thank our readers, friends and supporters from 2017, and hope to see you all next year.

– SydneyTrads Editors.

SydneyTrads is the web page of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum: an association of young professionals who form part of the Australian independent right (also known as “non-aligned right”).

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