Quote of the Week: Jack Lang, “Why I Fight”

Before preparing its next election denunciation of the ‘Red Menace,’ the Sane Democracy League and similar organisations should carefully study the ‘most favored-nation’ Agreement signed in March, 1934, by representatives of His Majesty’s Government in Great Britain and the trade delegation of the Soviet Union. Then, instead of spending their resources in political advertising, they might do some real service to the country by dispatching a delegation to British commercial interests to convince them that the ‘Buy Empire’ and ‘Buy British’ slogans impose an obligation not only on the Australian purchasers, but require also that the British flour-miller should purchase Australian wheat in preference to Russian wheat, even if he can buy in the Soviet market more cheaply. They might even be able to convince some of the graziers who contribute to their election propaganda funds that it is not in the best interests of Australia that they have sold stud rams at fancy prices to the Soviet Union and thus assisted to develop a potentially formidable trade rival.”

▪ J. T. Lang, Why I Fight (The Labor Daily Ltd., 1934) extract from page 252.

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