Quote of the Week: Ron Paul, “The School Revolution”

Ron PaulEach day the Bible was read, the Lord’s Prayer was said, and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. No one objected, mainly because the school atmosphere reflected the values of the local community. The federal government was not yet endowed with authority to keep us safe from ourselves. That came later to the schools throughout the country, as responsibility moved from local schools to huge school districts, state-government controls, and finally the institutions of the federal courts and federal bureaucrats. None of this existed back then.


Today, one thing is for certain: You cannot compare public education in a small town over fifty years ago to what’ happening in these gigantic schools in today’s cities, dominated by federal government and federal courts and thousands of bureaucrats and controls and regulations – it’s a totally different world.

▪ Ron Paul, The School Revolution (Grand Central, 2013) extract from pages viii and xii respectively.

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