Quote of the Week: Mary Eliza Haweis, “The Art of Beauty”

Mary Eliza Haweis

Mary Eliza Haweis (1848-1898)

Alas, when people complain of men not marrying (even they who are able), they forget how little women offer in exchange for all they get by marriage. Girls are so seldom taught to be of any use whatever to a man that I am only astonished at the numbers of men who do marry! Many girls do not even try to be agreeable to look at, much less to live with. They forget how numerous they are, and the small absolute need men have of wives; but, nevertheless, men do still marry, and would oftener marry could they find mates – women who are either helpful to them, or amusing, or pleasing to their eye.

▪ Mary Eliza Haweis, The Art of Beauty (Chatto & Windus, 1883) extract from pages 262 through to 263.

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