Apparently, an explanation is required…

BLast Month, we departed from our regular custom of posting a Quote of the Week by including an additional impromptu ten quotes commemorating the start of the so-called “Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras”. The last quote of the previous month, also, was posted in temporary breach of this custom.

The purpose of the Quote of the Week is to introduce readers to conservative literature that they may have otherwise remained oblivious to while in the halls of academia. Generally, we hope that these snipets (from books rarely noted or referenced in university course materials) may encourage our readers to expand their literary habits beyond faculty approved texts and “alt right” blogs. Certainly, while some of these quotes have been posted merely to elicit debate,¹ we approve most of their content and broadly endorse the philosophical universe from which they emanate.

The last quote of February and the additional ten in March, however, have been provided in a somewhat different spirit. These include:

  1. A quote from Roz Ward, who is – among many other things – an academic at La Trobe University, who illustrated that “Marxism provides both the theory and the practice of genuine human liberation” and that it “offers the hope and the strategy needed to create a world where human sexuality, gender and how we relate to our bodies can blossom in extraordinarily new and amazing ways that we can only try to imagine today.” (29 February 2016);
  2. A quote from Peter Tatchell, who in a letter to the Guardian way back in 1997 had some remarkable things to say about relations with children as young as nine. Seriously, he actually put this in print, and, seriously, the correspondence page editor of that newspaper actually published it, and, seriously, non of this was investigated by the police. (1 March 2016); [Update: Peter Tatchell has responded to our publication of his letter. See his reply in the comments section of that post, 5 March 2016]
  3. A quote from Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen’s book After the Ball, which is itself rich with quotes for persons who wish to understand the modus operandi of the “Yes” campaign in Australia’s upcoming same-sex “marriage” plebiscite: “If straights can’t shut off the shower, they may at least eventually get used to being wet.” (2 March 2016);
  4. A quote from Ginger Gorman, progressive and oh-so-brave Australian journalist, who was shocked shocked at discovering the truth, after her mindless good will and indiscriminate tolerance was exploited by two characters who hopefully will never again be allowed outside of a prison cell. (3 March 2016);
  5. A quote from Masha Gessen, who experienced a moment of extreme honesty and, some might say, excessive sincerity, when she declared that “fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there — because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie.” Very helpful, thank you Ms. Gessen. (4 March 2016);
  6. A quote from Tamara Metz, who likewise helpfully declared that “What next? Disestablish marriage. Get the state out of the business. Abolish the legal category. […] we should start to push for disestablishing marriage.” Oh, what a coincidence that at least two prominent loose lipped ladies would suggest the same somewhat radical suggestion! (5 March 2016);
  7. A quote from Harry Hay, who has some advice to parents which might be interesting to ponder. A clue: it’s very progressive. (6 March 2016);
  8. A quote from Eve Ensler, author (authoress?) of the “Vagina Monologues”, who has some unorthodox views concerning the rape of a young girl by a lesbian. (7 March 2016);
  9. A quote from both Franklin Kameny and Richard Isay, a double quote that counts as one, as it were, a rather queer addition to the sequence (“two spirited” perhaps) where they suggest that society has and will adjust to their preferences and that those who object “should be quarantined and denied employment.” (8 March 2016);
  10. Another quote from Roz Ward, from our friends at La Trobe University, this time admitting that the “safe schools” programme is not about stopping bullying but rather: “It’s about gender and sexual diversity. It’s about same sex attraction. It’s about being transgender. It’s about being lesbian, gay, bisexual, say the words: transgender, intersex.” Yep, we’ll say the words, and post them here. Readers: don’t forget this character is employed by La Trobe University. Should she be “quarantined and denied employment?” Her opinions are regime endorsed, so probably not. Pity. (20 March 2016);
  11. Did we mention La Trobe University? The last quote is from the esteemed Professor Garry Dowsett… of La Trobe University… who is safely ensconced in its ivory towers. In an article published in 1982, however, he made certain disclosures and recommendations that really need to be read to be believed. Seriously, check the link, we’ve provided the salient paragraphs. If you want to see the original, that too is linked at the footer of that post. (20 March 2016).

Initially, we believed that the intention behind the publication of the above linked select-passages was clear and self-evident; recall that later this year Australian’s will likely be required to vote in a plebiscite in which they will be asked to declare their views concerning the legalisation of gay “marriage”; recall also that these quotes have been scheduled leading into the month of March, when the public square seem to explode in a fit of queer enthusiasm surrounding the “Mardi Gras”.

Sadly, we have received feedback that suggests some readers may have actually been confused by their presence at SyneyTrads. Apparently, what we though was obvious, wasn’t. In light of this, it has become inelegantly evident that an explicit disclaimer – albeit belated – is now necessary for the record:

The publication of the “Bonus Quotes” (one through to ten) as well as the last one in February, does not constitute an endorsement of their content or their source; rather, the publication of these quotes seeks to remind the public that those who are agitating for the legislation of same-sex “marriage” – and generally lobbying for gender ideology and the continued liberalisation of sexual mores – come from a rather disturbed background and may have aired considerably unsavory view in the past, views that may reveal ulterior motives which are of extreme relevance to all Australians at this time. If it is right to inquire about the background of seekers of public office, or commentators or opinion shapers, why should these individuals be an exception to the rule? Their intellectual antecedents is relevant today and should be exposed, discussed, analysed, and their motives questioned openly.

We’re mindful of the work of Dr. Michael Woodley, but we certainly hope that the above makes our intentions clear to all readers of SydneyTrads.

SydneyTrads Editors

  1. See for example, a reader’s question and out response in relation to a quote published on 17 December 2012.
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  1. The Australian “plebiscite” is deceptive in that the question asked is: should the law be changed to allow same sex people to marry”. However, none of the ‘YES’ camp state same sex but refer to “EQUALITY”.

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